Farewell, summer: Our most memorable moments of summer 2014

Farewell, summer: Our most memorable moments of summer 2014

With another summer come and gone, we asked our readers to tell us about the highlights of their long holiday. Here are the best answers ...

1. A sporting mix

Our school's history field trip to Germany. Not only did we visit famous places like the Berlin Wall and Neuschwanstein Castle, we were there to soak up the party atmosphere when Germany beat France 1-0 in the World Cup quarter-finals in Brazil. 

Cheryl Yuen, 16,Diocesan Girls' School

2. A way with words

Writing for Young Post's 2014 Summer Story competition - nothing beats pursuing your passion when school's out!

Anirudh Kannan, 14, South Island School

3. The show must go on

During my family's week-long visit to London, we travelled on the Underground and did a lot of things we missed out on the last time we were there. We also went to see The Phantom of the Opera, which was simply glorious.

Sharon Cheng, 15, King George V School

4. Siesta time

It has to be sleeping. Yes, sleeping. With our busy lives, we students don't do enough of it. It may not be the most interesting thing I did, but the "highlight" of my summer seems to be the same every year: sleeping. 

Tayyab Shahzada, 15, Sha Tin College

5. The green, green grass

"Rolling down a grassy hill, yeah / That's what summer means to me" This song from Phineas & Ferb rang true when our family went to Jeju Island, in South Korea. Fresh, luscious grass is rare in Hong Kong but it's everywhere in Jeju, so I felt ridiculously happy running, sitting, and lying on the grass with my little brother - like a four-year-old drinking soda for the first time. 

Annette Kim, 15, Chinese International School

6. The old college try

Summer is about exploring life. I attended a pre-college programme at Brown University in the US. This camp gave me a taste of college life: eating at Chipotle, shopping, hanging out, cliff jumping, long aeroplane rides and lastly ... homework. 

Chris Pang, 16, Hong Kong International School

7. Party in the USA

For me, going to a summer school in the US was definitely the best part of my summer. During the three weeks there, I learned a lot and made a lot of new friends, and the best thing is that I was free from my parents! 

Alex Lee, 15, Sha Tin College

8. I scream, you scream ...

While taking a swelteringly hot vacation on a tropical island where I swam and did exciting aquatic activities was wonderfully thrilling, being allowed to eat ice cream practically every night is more likely to make it onto my back-to-school "What I Did for Summer Vacation" essay.

Justine Chan, 12, Singapore International School

9. Don't wake me up!

Being able to sleep and wake up anytime I wished - there was no need to set an annoying alarm because school was out. 

Maryam Gul, 14, St Margaret's Girls' College

10. Goal! (x7)

I was in Belo Horizonte watching Germany thrash Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup semis.  Those few days in the football-crazy nation will always have a special place in my memory.

Darren Ho, 17, Deerfield Academy (US) 

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