Planning for fun

Planning for fun

Summer officially started last Saturday, so we asked our readers what they'll be up to during the holidays. Here are their answers

Holiday mood

Travelling around the world! I can't wait to visit Belgium, France, Scotland, England and Cambodia before finally returning to Hong Kong with one week left before the start of the new, hectic school year!.

Charlotte Chan, 15, German Swiss International School

Gobble it up

Taking BuzzFeed's "Clean Eating Challenge". It's two weeks of low carb, lean protein, gluten-free healthy food. It sounds crazy, but challenge accepted!

Miranda Yeung, 17, King George V School

Fashion sense

Summer means sale season in Hong Kong, so I'll be stocking up on breezy clothes for next year. I'll be visiting H&M, Monki, Cotton On, Forever 21, and Zara (just to name a few!) to combat the coming autumn, too.

Sally Kim, 17, Sha Tin College

Read on!

Summer is about being able to find time for things you enjoy doing. For me, reading has always been my number one priority. It fills the gap between the cruel reality of life and one's innocent soul. It gives us all hope. Grab a book - or four - and get reading this summer!

Theros Wong, 17, Li Po Chun United World College

Studies on my mind

This summer is going to be the last before my final year. So I plan on reviewing what I've done over the previous year, and get started on the many assignments that are due when I get back. I need to be prepared for the hectic school year ahead!

Cynthia Jutras, 16, Li Po Chun United World College

Creative moves

I'll be staying at home in otaku mode, creating some art by carving eraser stamps. It'll be fun!

Jack Mak, 17, Carmel Secondary School

Busy times

I'll be doing work experience at Summerbridge, teaching students about journalism. It's a chance to pass on what I've learned at Young Post to more students in Hong Kong. I will also be preparing for my last year of school. So I will be revising, making sure I am up to speed with my studies.

Natasha Lau, 16, South Island School

Summer delights

The highlights of my summer will definitely be joining Young Post's summer cadet programme and preparing for my violin exam in August. I was also thinking about going swimming every day to get a perfect tan. But no, I'll just curl up in my bed, binge-eat, or watch TV during my free time.

Michele Chan, 14, Wycombe Abbey School, Britain

Feed wars are on!

The summer months only mean one thing: fill up your friends' Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds with posts. More! More! More! Your goal is to stay relevant. Everyone will be posting their #sunset #nofilter beach photos. Musicians will be releasing a new track every day, so your laptop will probably be your best friend for the next two months. Snap, edit, post, repeat. Go on, get to it. I already had a week's head start. The feed wars are on.

Meaghan T'ao, 18, Dana Hall School, US

This summer, I'm staying in Hong Kong and enjoying time with my friends and family before leaving for boarding school in Britain. I will be reading, writing and working, while getting ready for my overseas studies.

Michele Theil, 15, King George V School

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Planning for fun


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