Short and sweet

Short and sweet

Sunday is Tell a Story Day in the United States, so we asked our readers to tell us a story. Here are the top 10 …

1. Bieber effect

Blood chilled, joints locked - my heart stopped. It was dark. Cerulean sparks of glitter were reflected by the lone light illuminating the disconsolate hall. It covered the floor like a blanket of pure winter snow. The noises eviscerated the souls from those who dared to enter, their eyes glowing in fear. It was then I realised that I was at a Justin Bieber concert.

Henry Lui, 14

2. Power play

Katy's father always encouraged her to make the best out of uncomfortable experiences and to always power through. When Katy realised that she was going to be very late for work, she drove recklessly and ran over a hedgehog on the way. That's when she decided to honour her deceased father's memory by googling "Road kill hedgehog for dinner".

Dhruv Singh, 16

3. Here and now

A little girl was being interviewed at a boarding school. She slowly ran through all of the answers she had memorised for this moment. The teacher coughed then started: "Where do you live?" But the little girl had no idea. She thought for a while, and a bright smile lit up her face. She proudly answered: "Right here." The girl was accepted.

Cheryl Yuen, 16

4. All in a fog

I descended into a fog as my eyes opened; my near-sightedness did my mornings no favours as I could barely distinguish the mid-stages of lucid dreaming and reality. It felt like I had floated in a bowl of cornflakes, swam into my uniform and been washed up onto the carpet on my classroom floor.

Jacinta Kong, 17

5. Hell's bells!

Clink. Two coins, shoved into the slot. The machine whirred and jolted to life. The Oreos swayed, suspended by a metal loop. Her stomach growled. Blood gushed. The claw inched forward. Beads of perspiration formed. Fists clenched. Thud. She snatched the cylindrical packet. Then the bell rang, and ruined everything.

Charlotte Chan, 15

6. Road to nowhere

Her mind was a highway where thoughts rushed in and out like the traffic, horns blaring, headlights dazzling ... Startled, she turned around, pressing her ear into her arm, hoping to drown out the noises. Yet sleep still eluded her, its laughter ringing in the night.

Wendy Wong, 15

7. Sweet and sour

There it was, the perfect specimen if he'd ever seen one. One singular light and fluffy doughnut with glassy chocolate fudge drizzled on top, waiting for his eager bite. He let his eyes slowly unwrap each layer of flavour and lifted it up to his lips. Suddenly, a bird zoned in and knocked it out of his fingers.

Julia Wang, 13

8. Crash, bang!

My younger sister and I were going to eat out with our grandparents a few weeks ago. She was so excited when she saw them, she just ran straight at them and.... BAM! She crashed against the restaurant's transparent glass wall!

Ting Hui-sui, 15

9. All of a flutter

She wanted to show everybody the bird. She shut the garden door behind it and sat down, watching it as it flew straight into the window and fluttered down, once, twice - it didn't fly back up the third time.

Maryam Gul, 14

10. All smiles

Once upon a time, there was a young student in Hong Kong named Stereotype. He worked hard and made mountains of cash in a respectable industry. When he was 45 and facing a mid-life crisis, he realised he never liked his job. He then changed jobs so he smiled more.

Daniel Monteiro, 16

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Short and sweet


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