Dressed to thrill

Dressed to thrill

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens start today! Hooray! We asked our readers what kind of fancy dress they would like to wear for the sporting showpiece and why. Here are some of the costumes you might see ...

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens start today! Hooray! As you all know, fancy dress is very much a part of the showpiece. So we asked our readers what characters they would like to represent as they watch the action from the stands, and what kind of costumes they would wear. Here are some of the costumes you might see ...

1. Lost in character

You'll always find a Where's Waldo? costume at the Sevens. I think it's because it's so easy to make. All you need is a red-and-white-hooped, long-sleeve shirt, a red Santa hat, black-framed glasses, jeans, brown shoes, and a brown cane, which you can find anywhere!

Matthew Baren, 16

2. A bite of surrealism

I was shown The Son of Man work of art - a man wearing a bowler hat, shirt and tie and jacket, with his face hidden behind a green apple - when I was little. I have been scared of it ever since. To help overcome my fear of the surrealist painting, I'll dress up as the man, which is pretty easy. I'll just wear a suit, bowler hat - and bite on a green apple.

Ronald Tarrant, 15

3. Furry unhappy look

I'm going to dress up as Grumpy Cat, because it's so cute and funny! I already have light skin, so I'll just put some brown make-up around my eyes, and wear a cat-ears headband. Oh, and I'll have to look grumpy!

Erika Mori, 13

4. Monkey lover

I love chimpanzees, so I'm going to go as my idol, British primatologist Jane Goodall. She's really easy to imitate; all you need is to dress in khaki shirt and shorts, and carry a monkey doll.

Ariel Lam, 15

5. Rising to the task

My friends and I agreed to go as characters from the Mr Men stories. I'm going as Mr Tall because ... I'm tall. All I need is to wear a blue shirt, jeans, and really ugly brown shoes.

Robert Leung, 17

6. One plus Sevens

I will dress in an onesie outfit in the Sevens colours. Not only will I be the most comfortable person in the stadium, but it'll fit the theme, too!

Natasha Lau, 16

7. The Icewoman Cometh

I believe that dressing up as a snowman would produce a cooling effect on the Sevens players. I would paint my face white and wrap myself up like a taco in an extra-large white blanket.

Ruby Leung, 1

8. Disney delight

I would dress up as the native-American title character of the film Pocahontas - undoubtedly the best animated movie Disney has ever made. I would cut up strips of cloth to make the fringe hems for the dress, and use feathers and beads for accessories.

Last but not least, I definitely won't forget the body paint!

Yasmin Subba, 18

9. At Holmes as Sherlock

I would dress up as Sherlock Holmes, but the modern depiction of the classic detective. Inspired by the sleek stylings of the TV show, Sherlock, along with the usual detective suit, my costume would include a long trench coat, topped off with a dark-coloured cashmere scarf and a magnifying glass to give my look a touch of the original 19th-century Holmes!

Joy Pamnani, 15

10. Speech-bubble girl

My favourite artist is Roy Lichtenstein - known for his pop art - so I'll dress up as the girl from one of his most famous paintings, Oh, Jeff ... I Love You, Too ... But ... . All I have to do is spray paint my hair blonde, wear a black tank top, make a speech bubble with "Oh, Jeff ... I Love You, Too ... But ..." with some cardboard paper, and paint myself with black polka dots!

Anna Fisher, 17

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Dressed to thrill


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