Time to grow up, Biebs

Time to grow up, Biebs

Justin Bieber turned 20 on Saturday. We asked our readers how they think life will change for Bizzle now he's no longer a teenager. Here are the top 10 answers …

1. Inked up

Whatever he does in his later years, I'm sure he'll regret the 20-plus tattoos he got during his teenage years.

Kira Lai, 15

2. Fo shizzle, Bizzle

He's a rebel and hangs out with rappers. He has bling, ink, and a deeper voice. Obviously Bizzle's on his way to becoming a rapper himself, fo shizzle!

Joy Pamnani, 15

3. Sing a song

He's always had a nice voice, except when it was breaking during puberty! I think he can continue to be a singer. We beliebe in you, Justin!

Rebecca Lo, 14

4. Miley, eat your heart out

I think he's going to follow the trend and shoot a music video naked while on a wrecking ball.

Michelle Ng, 16

5. What a twerk

I find it sad that such an innocent and sweet-looking boy with talent is growing up like this. But I can't say I didn't see it coming. I wouldn't be surprised if he started twerking before long.

Cindy Ho, 15

6. Don't stop beliebing

It doesn't matter how much trouble he gets into, his talent won't disappear. I'm sure he'll make a comeback and record another multi-platinum album! Keep beliebing!

Sandy Chow, 14

7. Grow up

He's 20!? Not spitting on your own fans and urinating in a restaurant's mop bucket will be a good start to adulthood.

Charlie Ho, 17

8. Drama king

Anyone who is exposed to that much fame isn't going to come out unscathed. I'm predicting more drama from Biebs!

Josh Kwok, 17

9. Rehab, definitely

Whether it is drugs or fame he's addicted to, he should go to rehab and sort himself out! At least he'll be protected from the press.

Lisa Lee, 16

10. Fresh start

Everyone messes up sometimes, but spitting on your own fans is low! Unfortunately, this is how we'll remember the former teen idol. I really can't see JB turning over a new leaf.

Song Su-hyun, 17

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Time to grow up, Biebs


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