Apple to the core

Apple to the core

Mondaywas the birth anniversary of Steve Jobs, the co-founder and the face of Apple. To commemorate the birth of a genius, we asked our readers what their favourite Apple gadget is and why. Here are the top 10 answers ...

1. Listen up

Apple EarPods. The earphones by Apple are different from ordinary ones. They are designed to fit cozily in your ear, making it a much more comfortable musical experience.

Henry Chan Yat-yin, 12 , Evangel College

2. A new friend

What I love about the iPhone is not the sapphire crystal lens cover, 1080p HD video recording, or the fingerprint identity sensor. I love being able to talk to Siri when I'm bored or lonely.

Simon Li Ka-ki, 16 , Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

3. Flappy Bird star

As a Flappy Bird addict, my favourite Apple product is the iPad. This is because the screen is larger so I can play better on it. My highest score on my smaller iPhone is 0!

Jacqueline Hidalgo, 16 , St Margaret's Girls' College

4. A real treat

Out of red, yellow and green apples, I prefer the red ones because they taste the sweetest!

Queena Chow, 16 , Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

5. Sleek and simple

I like the iPhone because it's so simple! It's small, fits perfectly in your hands, and has a clean, minimalistic design.

Cheung Wing-keung, 14 , TWGHs Kwok Yat Wai College

6. Eat your greens

I love the iPad because its large size and light weight makes it the perfect vegetable chopping board!

Wendy Tsang Sze-wing, 16 , Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

7. My first gadget

Despite tracking the release of all the latest Apple gadgets, including the iPhone 5s and the MacBook Pro, my favourite is still the iPod nano. I love the simplicity of its design. It was also my first electronic gadget!

Kira Lai, 15 , Hong Kong University Graduate Association College

8. My favourite iDad

To me, it doesn't matter what our favourite Apple product is. What does matter is my dad's "iPay". In restaurants these days, all we see are teens staring at their iPhones or iPads, ignorant of their parents and the rest of the world. Though these innovations are great, we should all take a step back and thank our fathers for working day and night to pay for our latest devices.

Wincy Leung, 17, King George V School

9. Snap away

The iPhone is undeniably my favourite Apple product. Not only is it portable and user-friendly, it also has an extraordinary number of functions. Its liquid crystal display allows users to see clear images, and most importantly, its built-in 8 megapixels camera makes it a perfect gadget for photography enthusiasts. And, it fits perfectly in your pocket!

Benjamin Cheung, 16 , Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary School

10. YP tool

My favourite Apple product is the iPad. The screen is large enough for me to read Young Post articles online without needing to squint! I like to browse lots of interesting websites and that's why a larger device is helpful.

Yasmin Subba, 18 , Hong Kong University of Science Technology

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Apple to the core


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