Top 10: Will love come calling?

Top 10: Will love come calling?

Many teenagers consider Valentine's Day to be the most important day of their lives. So we asked you to tell us how you're celebrating this festival of romance today. Here's what you said …

To celebrate today - most important day of a teenager's life - we asked you to tell us how you're celebrating Valentine's Day.

Here's what you said …

1) A single day

I will probably be at home doing my homework, or watching some really nice movies while stuffing myself with food.

Once again, I'll be reminding myself why French fries are so much better than guys. I mean, being single on Valentine's Day can't be that bad, right?

Hua Yuk-ting, 15

2) Romanced by a film star

Since I don't have a Valentine, I will probably be home alone enjoying a romantic movie marathon. But who needs boyfriends when you can have actor Ryan Gosling there right in front of you!

Kelsi Lo, 13

3) Bookish endeavours

I will tenderly hold her spine and try to understand what she is really asking of me. I'm going to be romancing with my books because I've a date today - with my mock English exam. Embracing the valuable information and complex ideas in my books, I will try to live up to their expectations.

Dhruv Singh, 16

4) Classy time

I'll probably be spending Valentine's Day like every other normal school day - with my friends, rushing to class and trying not to be late!

Helen Wong, 14

5) Show of support

I'll be at City Hall, showing my love for Erwiana Sulistyaningsih and all the other helpers who have faced violence and exploitation. Come and join us!

Kate Ng, 18

6) Heady gesture

I haven't bought my boyfriend a present yet; I've been too swamped with work (and have not had enough money) to get him something.

So I think today, on D-day (or V-Day!), I'll just turn up wearing a ribbon tied to my head.

I hope he likes it!

Rose Kwak, 19

7) Motherly love

To me, Valentine's Day is not only about couples showing how much they love each other; it's also about expressing our love for our beloved family members. So today I'll be making lots of heart-shaped chocolates for my mum, to thank her for her care and love.

Renée Shum, 15

8) All booked up

I'll be taking my DSEs in a few weeks, and I barely have time to study, let alone find love. So today means nothing special to me. I'll probably spend it revising with my school books, just like any other day.

Thomas Chan, 16

9) Picture perfect

I'm not too good with words, so instead of writing something in a card - which will probably make me cringe when reading it later - I'll plaster it with photos of my girlfriend and I spending time together and having fun. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Nicholas Ma, 17

10) Everlasting flowers

Instead of buying some over-priced flowers, which will shrivel up and die ungracefully, I'll make some origami flowers. Although they may not look as good as the real thing, they will never die - just like my love for my girlfriend!

Michael Tam, 16

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Top 10: Will love come calling?


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