Add a seasonal surprise

Add a seasonal surprise

A Chinese candy box traditionally contains lotus seeds, red melon seeds, chocolate coins and sweets. For this week's top 10, we asked our readers what they would most like to see in their boxes

1. Cheese! I'm not a big fan of sweets, but I love cheese ... so maybe add in little bits of cheddar cheese?

Doris Lam

2. Skittles! I've seen lots of these traditional boxes, but none of them had Skittles in them, which is disappointing. They are one of my favourite sweets.

Elly Hung

3. I want pistachios in my candy box. Not only do I find them tasty and crispy, but I also love their appearance. The open pistachio shells remind me of smiling faces and cheer me up. Even though I always need to clean up my room afterwards, as there are pistachio shells everywhere, they are still my favourite item.

Jackson Ng

4. Lou yee sang, a raw fish salad often eaten at Chinese New Year. It's a mix of strips of raw fish, shredded vegetables, and a variety of sauces. Imagine these ingredients in different compartments of a candy box. We could mix them all up for a fun start to the New Year.

Cassandra Lee

5. I think an exciting new thing to have would be Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, a fictional product in the Harry Potter series. You never know which flavour they will be until you pop them in your mouth.

Jade Lam

6. The Chinese candy box is always aimed at grown-ups. We should celebrate the start of a Lunar New Year with some thoughts for others ... perhaps by adding baby biscuits for the newly-born, or some pet food for your beloved pets?

Dennis Goodboy

7. I would like to see sushi in the box. Different coloured, freshly-made sushi would beautify the box and make it more appealing. Most importantly, sushi caters to all ages. Hopefully this would also improve Sino-Japanese relations.

Jack Sze

8. It would be nice to have pistachios in the candy box, since we should stay positive over the Chinese New Year. Pistachios mean "happy nuts" in Chinese because of their special appearance. If I opened a box and saw them I would feel encouraged by their "smiles".

Keith Lee

9. Remember those good-looking, but not-so-tasty chocolate coins? Maybe it's time to replace them with real coins. It sounds more attractive to me and they would leave us cavity-free.

Jennifer Tang

10. Well, I think red melon seeds are a must-have in any traditional candy box. Then chocolates and candies in colourful wraps. They taste great and make life more fun.

Karen Fong

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