How will you face the day?

How will you face the day?

So, Facebook is talking about adding 10 emoticons that we can select to update our status. But which 10? Here are some suggestions you sent us

1. "I'm Hungry and I Want Food!"

The "I'm hungry" status is getting a bit old. Maybe Facebook should make an emoticon for "I'm hungry and I want food!" to generate a greater impact!

Doris Lam


2. "Extremely Angry with our Chief Executive/President/Government"

A really useful one would be "Extremely Angry with our Chief Executive/President/Government". These are the people who have the most power, but do the stupidest, or most selfish things.

Kate Ng


3. "Fangirling"

"Fangirling" is one of the popular pastimes of the 21stcentury. This activity, applicable to both genders, involves internal screaming and acute elevation of heart rate. Most of my status updates are inspired by the powerful emotions it creates, I'm ashamed to say. An emoticon would cut down on typing time.

Jade Lam


4. "Muah"

How can you not have a cute kissing emoticon on Facebook? We all need a little kiss to light up someone else's mood.

Jennifer Tang


5. "Smiling Face With Sunglasses"

This emotion simply means stylish and cool. I love wearing sunglasses on sunny days, and I like to share some cool thoughts online. This smiley best suits my feeling and personal image when I share my status.

Jackson Ng


6. "Unimpressed"

This emoticon should look the same as the "not impressed" face of American gymnast McKayla Maroney at last year's London Olympics after winning only a silver medal. Her expression became an internet meme. Since I often see people using Facebook to express their frustration or discontentment in their daily lives, I think this would be a popular choice to go with a status update; it can really revivify the status, and make it more convincing.

Jack Sze


7. "Good Fortune"

A belated Kung Hei Fat Choi! It would be great to have a red octagon with the Chinese character for prosperity on it! I wish everyone good fortune and health in the Year of the Snake!

Cassandra Lee


8. "Low on Battery and Famished"

With busy school schedules and never-ending homework, teenagers are constantly sleep-deprived and hungry. Therefore, I think that the new Facebook emoticon should be "low on battery and famished". Perfect for all the tired souls out there.

Erica Kwan


9. "Sarcastic"

An obvious emoticon we need is a sarcastic emoticon. Sarcasm is a spoken technique, and can't really be interpreted over the internet. But if we had a simple indicator, like an emoticon, we could clear up a lot of confusion.

Pradyumn Dayal


10. "Speechless"

Sometimes when we face people or situations that are unreasonable, but we can do nothing about it, a "speechless" emoticon would perfectly explain our state of powerlessness and helplessness.

Dennis Goodboy


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