If you could bake a special pie for your mum, what would you fill it with?

If you could bake a special pie for your mum, what would you fill it with?

We asked our readers: If you could bake a special pie for your mum, what would you fill it with? Here are our favourite answers.


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A spicy filling

Definitely chili. My mum cannot live without spicy food. She puts chili into every dish she eats. So, of course, I’d have to make her a chili pie. I’m sure she’d love it.
Lo King-fai, 15, STFA Seaward Woo College

A healthy treat

I’d fill it with carrots. Carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which is good for your eyes. My mum’s eyesight isn’t very good, so not only will my special pie be delicious, but it  will also be good for her. Plus, I want my  mum to be able to enjoy her pie without worrying about her health.
Yoonjung Choi, 14, Hong Kong International School

Made just for her

I’d make my mum a durian pie. The rest of my family members don’t like the fragrant fruit; only she likes it. So, if I filled the pie with durian, she would know that I made it especially for her.
Anson Wen, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary school

Full of emotions

I’d fill it with my emotions. Sometimes my mum  and I don’t understand each other and we end up hurting each other’s feelings. If she knew how I felt about her, I think we’d get along better. That’s why I want to bake an “emotion pie” for her. I hope that eating my pie would make her feel how much I love her. We’ve gone through good times and some bad times, but nothing can break our bond.
Benedict Li Tik-long, 11, Pui Kiu College

Sweet inside and out

I’d make the pie myself and fill it with candy. To make it extra special,  I would decorate the top of it with some kind words and drawings. I hope my mum would like it.
Chloe Wong Wing-chi, 12, Scientia Secondary School 

Rainbow roses

I’d make a pie in the shape of a rose because my mum loves them. Then I would fill it with different coloured rose petals and create a rainbow pattern. Lastly, I would add some honey because my mum is as sweet as honey. If she saw it, I think she would laugh.
Daniel Lee Tsz-tan, 13, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

Coffee and tea

I’d make my mum a coffee and milk tea-flavoured pie. I wouldn’t add too much sugar to it because my mum doesn’t like food that’s  too sweet. If I could, I’d also paint a picture of my whole family on the  top of the pie with some food colouring. I hope the pie would show my mum how much I love her.
Chung Ying-hei, 12,  Henrietta Secondary School

A pretty pie

If I could bake a special pie for my mum, I’d fill it with honey and flowers. Honey is sweet like my mum. Also, my mum loves flowers, but she obviously can’t eat a pie filled with flowers, so I will just decorate the top with a bunch of pretty-looking flowers.
Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School

Filled with memories

I’d fill it with honey, lemon, bitter melon, and chili. The sweet honey represents the happy memories my mum and I have shared together. The sour of the lemon symbolises her having to go everywhere with me. The bitter melon is there to remind her of when she gave  birth to me. And the spicy chili represents the times I was naughty and I made her mad. If I gave the pie to my mum,  I’d thank her for caring for me for the past 13 years.
Jenny Fung, 13, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

I’d fill it with mung beans, durian, apples, and pork. I chose these four ingredients because my mum loves eating green bean cakes, apples, and pork. She also likes the smell of durian. Since it’s a pie baked specially for my mum, of course it must be filled with all her favourite foods.
Cai Xiaoyan, 13, Henrietta Secondary School

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