10 tourist attractions Hong Kong needs; after all, why can't we have a Hogwarts?

10 tourist attractions Hong Kong needs; after all, why can't we have a Hogwarts?

We asked our readers what new attraction they would like built in Hong Kong. Here are some of our favourite answers


The Hogwarts Express should make a stop at Hong Kong.
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A touch of magic

I wish Hong Kong had a Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, just like the ones in Osaka and Florida. It would feel just like being at Hogwarts. Guests could ride 3D indoor roller coasters, and buy special souvenirs such as wands, brooms and robes. I think such a park would attract tourists from all over the world.

Anson Cheung, 14, Sing Yin Secondary School

A thriller

It would be really cool if Hong Kong had a haunted house, where visitors would have a lot of fun and excitement. Then lots of people would want to visit the city.

Elaine Wong, 14, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Up in the air

A park where people could use hot-air balloons to travel all over the city. It could be in the New Territories, where there is more space. Hong Kong is a fairly small place, so you’d probably be able to cover the entire city in one trip. Think of the amazing views!

Chow Tsz-kit, 13, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

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For culture vultures

We should build a museum focused on local culture so that tourists can learn more about our city. It’s a great way to show off our heritage to the world.

Cheuk Man-yuen, 14, Sing Yin Secondary School

Go wild

We should build a zoo with animals from all over Asia. There could be pandas, monkeys, tigers and bears, as well as lots of different bird species. This way, people would be able to learn more about Asia’s wildlife and become more appreciative of our natural world.

Law Hiu-ling, 13, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Crystal-clear views

Hong Kong should have its own glass-bottomed walkway, maybe from The Peak to Wan Chai Gap Road. Though it would be shorter than the one on the mainland, it would still be fun for (brave) tourists to be able to see the city from up above. We could give the walkway a Chinese-style roof and decorate it with images of pandas and pink dolphins.

Lau Ka-kin, 12, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

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There in a flash

On Sentosa island in Singapore, there is a zip-line called the MegaZip that takes you from one side of the beach to the other. You can see beautiful palm trees and crystal-blue water beneath you. We should have something similar in Hong Kong. It could link the Ngong Ping 360 station with the Big Buddha statue. It would be so much fun to glide down the hill.

Ice Chow Sze-lok, 10, St Mary’s Canossian School

Outdoor fun

I would like to see a treetop adventure land! So much land in Hong Kong is covered by country parks and yet there are no long zip-lines, outdoor trampolines or tree-climbing places in Hong Kong. It would be a great way for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Nikita Dawes, 10, Beacon Hill School

Making a splash

Hong Kong definitely needs a water park. It would be perfect for those hot summer days when you need to cool down. Who doesn’t love taking a refreshing dip?

Qiana Kam, 12, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

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View from the top

We should build a Hong Kong Tower with an observatory deck that offers amazing views of the city. People could dine there and also take part in fun activities such as bungee jumping. It would definitely attract tourists.

Ronald Suen, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

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