Go to Ocean Park and Disneyland? What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Go to Ocean Park and Disneyland? What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Steal the Young Post mascot? Drive Donald Trump crazy? Our readers have a fair few mischievous ideas up their sleeves

A real prankster

I’d go around playing ridiculous pranks on people just for the sake of it. When would I ever get the chance to be invisible for a day?

Hay Wong, 12, Sha Tin College

Eye on YP mascot

I would steal Dennis Goodboy from Young Post Editor Sue and take him on an adventure. I’d also indulge in all the snacks on the legendary YP HQ Food Wall.

Veronica Lin, 17

What is the single most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

A ‘secret’ meeting with Trump

I would go into the Oval Office, sit next to US President Donald Trump, and repeatedly whisper “covfefe” into his ear until he goes insane. I’d also hide Barron Trump’s fidget spinner somewhere.

Liam Fung, 15, Chinese International School

A reel good time

I would probably sneak into movie theatres and create all sorts of mayhem. But before that, I would empty the fridge in my home and restock it with candy. I’m running low!

Charlotte Choi, 12, Sha Tin College

Star struck

I would go to an entertainment company so I could stalk my favourite celebrities. I would rub elbows with some of the world’s top stars and pose for pictures with them on the red carpet!

Ada Yin, 18, Workers’ Children Secondary School

If one day you woke up and were the opposite sex, what’s the first thing you would do?

High and mighty

I’d go to amusement parks and try all the high-altitude rides that I’ve never tried before. At the end of the day, I’d go for a hotpot and enjoy the food.

Shirley Yi, 16, Workers’ Children Secondary School

A day of surprises

I would clean my house while my family members are out. Everyone would be happy and surprised – what a great Father’s Day or Mother’s Day present. I would also play tricks on my cat. For example, it would get a shock when it sees its toys “flying” in mid-air on their own.

Fiona Liu Yee-ting, 14, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Thanks for the ride

I would definitely spend my day in Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park. I’m only allowed to go there when I get good exam results. This time, I wouldn’t have to worry about results (or entrance fees!).

Hon Pak-yee, 14, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

If you could have one item from the Harry Potter universe, what would it be and why?

The magic touch

I’d go to a music store and head for the piano room. I haven’t played the piano since my music examination finished. I want to feel that sense of joy and excitement again as I touch the keyboard with my fingers; it would be so exhilarating and I’d finally be able to do it in peace.

Bobo Or, Workers’ Children Secondary School, 17

A freaky encounter

I would dedicate my entire day to pulling pranks! I’d take random items off supermarket shelves and just stand there laughing as people freak out after seeing a levitating jar of pickles.

Pauline Wong, 15, Maryknoll Convent School

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Edited by M. J. Premaratne

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