Who would win a fight between a polar bear and a lion?

Who would win a fight between a polar bear and a lion?

This week we asked our readers: Who would win a fight between a polar bear and a lion? Here are our favourite answers

Don’t mess with lions

I’d put my money on the lion. It’s a strong, ferocious beast, and a polar bear pales in comparison – literally. Not only does the lion have an entire posse to back it up, it is also the king of the jungle. Compared to the lowly polar bear, who would dare mess with this mammal?

Kaylin Chong, 16, Hong Kong International School

Craving food

As the ice caps melt and the habitats of polar bears are destroyed, there is less out there for a polar bear to hunt. They are starving, and won’t stop until they get their paws on something to eat ... and maybe they’d develop a taste for lion meat. Imagine going up against that ferocious, white and furry monstrosity. So, unless we stop climate change, nope, lions don’t stand a chance against polar bears.

Ernest Leung Lok Hang, 17, La Salle College

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Bloody battle

I would choose a polar bear over a lion because of its superior strength. One swipe of the polar bear’s paws could send blood gushing out of the lion’s head. However, the lion could also win with support from one or two members of its pride. Lions live in groups, while polar bears are solitary animals.

Arella Ng, 11, Christian Alliance P. C. Lau Memorial International School

Packing a punch

I think that the polar bear would win. This is because they have more fat and that means more protection. It could simply sit on the lion and call it a victory. Lion have more speed, but they are used to hunting in packs, not individually. So a lion would have trouble fighting a polar bear alone. But if there was a fight between a polar bear and a PACK of lions, well, then the lions would definitely win.

Aldrin Cheung, 14, Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)

No winners, only losers

Fierceness aside, if the fight takes place in the Arctic, then the lion would die from the freezing temperatures. If the fight takes place on the African savannah, then the polar bear would be killed because of the heat. In either case, both animals would lose and the winner would be a mysterious third party.

Duma Cheng, 16, YWCA Hioe Tjo Yoeng College

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Paws for thought

I’d say a polar bear. A polar bear has been known to attack and eat its own cubs, whereas a lion only kills the young from a different pride. Mercilessness and cruelty help when attacking others. Besides, the average polar bear is much larger than a lion. It could easily pin down a lion with its large paws.

Ady Lam, 11, Island School

Heavy hitter

I’d say the polar bear, which usually weighs a lot more than a lion. The average weight of a polar bear is 450kg, while a lion weighs around 190kg. This gives polar bears a big physical advantage and would help them win a fight with a lion.

Jade Wong Hoi Lam, 15, Harrow International School

The mane problem

A polar bear because the lion’s mane is going to get stuck in its eyes, and block its vision. That always happens to me, so I cut my hair frequently. It’s not like the lion can cut off its crowning glory.

Hillary Lo, 11, Sha Tin College

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Get it in the neck

Polar bear, because it is much heavier than a lion. The fight would be brutal no matter who wins, but I think the polar bear could just sit on the lion’s neck and force it to give up – just like how I win my fights with my brother.

Vivian Lee, 17, Maryknoll Convent School

Venue is the key

It really depends on the venue where the fight takes place. If I had to bet, I would back the lion – assuming they fight in a place with a decent temperature, because then the polar bear would sweat to death even before the fight begins!

Cotrina Fung, 15, St Mary’s Canossian College

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