What’s the best way to eat a worm? (if you absolutely had to)

What’s the best way to eat a worm? (if you absolutely had to)

We asked our readers, if you absolutely had to do it, what would be the best way to eat a worm? Here are some of our favourite responses

Boiled in oil

First, I’d remove it’s eyes and disgusting intestines, and then I would fry it like a French fry (yuck!) and shake some BBQ and Mamee Noodle Powder on it so it is salty, addictive, and tastes like Shake Shake Fries! But if it was dessert, I would dip it in a huge amount of chocolate sauce (you know, the classic fondue), and sprinkle it with colourful sprinkles, candies and ice cream! Then I could trick my friends into eating this wonderful stringy lump of “marshmallow” in chocolate.

Hillary Lo,11, Sha Tin College

Crisp it up to keep it down

If I were to eat a worm – which would probably mean I was starving in a jungle – I would fry it until it was so crispy that I couldn’t identify it as a worm. Otherwise, even if I ate it, my stomach couldn’t hold it down. Besides, everything tastes better if it’s crispy.

Cotrina Fung, 15, St Mary’s Canossian College

Eat ’em in a hurry with curry

Worms are squirmy and wriggly. They just give me creeps. The sight of them is bad enough, let alone eating them! But if I didn’t have a choice, I would just cook them with curry. I am pretty sure that the strong aroma of spices and herbs will cover any disgusting taste or smell of the worm.

Rosaline Chan

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They’re like circles of life

In the Lion King, Simba chowed down on worms while singing Hakuna Matata, but I have a way better idea. Why not make a wormy macaroon? Dip the worm into any kind of jam, and then squish it between two light, crispy meringues. YUM.

Charlie Fan, 17, Pui Kiu College

Wormy and umami

I would dry and preserve the worm first, and then would put it in a soup or a congee, that way the worm would have a unique and interesting flavour, and you wouldn’t get all of the slimy, yucky bits that people hate. A great way to enjoy a meal that is rich in protein and other nutrients!

Abhay Venkitaraman, King George V

Worm tartar, anyone?

Raw and juicy. Nice.

Karan Dadlani, 13, Renaissance College Hong Kong

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Nutrition first

Eat the whole thing raw in one bite, feeling its vulnerable body popping in my mouth. Sounds creepy, but if I’m going to eat a worm, I don’t want to lose any of that valuable protein by cooking it!

Clara Chan Hoi-ying, 17, Wa Ying College

The stinking rose

Fry it with garlic! The strong flavour can get rid of that weird worm smell.

Eunice Yip, 15, Pooi To Middle School

Tastes like chicken

Deep fry the whole worm. It might taste like a French fry, so you could cover it in sweet and spicy sauce and serve it with crispy and crunchy Korean fried chicken. Yummy!

Wong Ho-yan, 19, Carmel Secondary School

You got me WHAT as a gift?!

Chew it with your sweet tooth

I would first boil and mash it up so that it didn’t feel like a worm. Then I would coat it with sugar so it didn’t taste like a worm. Following that with two whole boxes of chocolate and some ice-cream, and you won’t mind the taste at all! As you can probably tell, I am crazy for sugar!

Belinda Ng, 16, South Island School

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