What kind of weather would you want to weather forever?

What kind of weather would you want to weather forever?

This week, we asked our readers: if you could choose one type of weather forever, what would it be and why? Here are our favourite answers

Lost in the mists of time

Fog. Hong Kong would look like a fairy’s paradise and I could shoot my own movie with pixies flying around! No, just joking. I want to stay hidden from public view. I would stalk my friends, finding out their deepest, darkest secrets (Pssttt! I won’t tell anybody!).

I mean, how hard is it to pretend to be another person if there was mist everywhere!? I could help the police solve their cases and maybe there would be no more school because of the weather. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Hillary Lo, 11, Sha Tin College

A cool idea

Snow! Here in Hong Kong, we have never been able to experience the fun of making snow angels, skiing down icy slopes, or building giant snowmen. But, more importantly, if it snows forever, it would probably bring a huge cooling effect on our planet, and we can finally bid farewell to global warming!

Belinda Ng, 16, South Island School

Peace of mind

The mild autumn warmth. Such weather is great for just about any outdoor activity. Remember how much you sweat while hiking in the gruelling summer heat? Besides, you can wear anything from jackets to knee-length shorts in such weather.

With leaves falling and a cool breeze blowing around you, how can you not be at peace with the world?

Rachel Wong, 15, St Stephen’s Girls’ College

As the wind blows

Breezy weather. That time in August and September when it’s not boiling hot nor freezing cold. That time when there’s just the right amount of wind and breeze. Otherwise, I would be spending a lot of money on air-conditioning and then heating, because it would be a straight jump from summer to winter!

Ady Lam, 11, Beacon Hill School

Winter wondering: what are the best things about the coldest season?

Bright future

Sunny days! The sun often makes me think of long summer days, beaches, tans, swimming and lots more. Moreover, it gives me hope, and I’m always happier and more energetic when the sun’s out. So sunshine is a must for me!

Tiffany Ip, 14, Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)

On cloud nine

I would love the type of weather where the sun shines, and there’s a little bit of rain as well, with a rainbow peeking out from behind the clouds.

I think both rain and sunshine are needed to maintain the Earth’s ecosystem.

Plus, what’s not to like about rainbows?

Haram Yoon, 14, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

Ideal weather

Autumn weather has the perfect balance: it’s relatively cool, yet there’s sunshine. That’s unlike summer and winter, which is blazing hot and freezing cold.

Gerald Koh, 17, West Island School

Rays of hope

Rainbows. They would only appear from time to time, possibly after a shower or drizzle. I would love to take photos with a rainbow in the background, and post them on social media, writing about hope and other inspiring stuff. Oh, I would love that!

Vivian Lee, 16, Maryknoll Convent School

Perfect storm

I’d like to see thunderstorms, along with lightning bolts, every day. This will allow cities that regularly suffer from droughts get all the freshwater they need.

And maybe, during these stormy times, the wizards of Hogwarts will decide to pay us a visit in Hong Kong.

Veronica Lin, 16, Hong Kong International School

Sunny days are here again

I’d want it to be sunny all day, because there’s always a cure to heat! You could eat ice cream day after day, go swimming, and best of all, use air conditioning forever ... Sounds amazing!

Anushka Purohit, 16, Renaissance College

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