What is the best cure for lack of sleep?

What is the best cure for lack of sleep?

This week, we asked our readers: What’s the best cure for lack of sleep? Here are our favourite answers


Many people use coffee to start their days and to increase their efficiency. But what makes coffee so magical?

Scientists say that a chemical called adenosine gradually builds up in our brains. It slows down brain activity, so the more adenosine we accumulate, the more tired we feel. So, to fight the wicked adenosine, drinking coffee is the key.

The caffeine in coffee has a similar structure to adenosine, but it will have the opposite effect of the chemical.

So why not use coffee to make up for the lack of sleep?

Tiffany Ng, 15 , SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Nothing beats a lullaby

You might think drinking coffee is the best way to solve this problem. However, coffee has a lot of caffeine, and if we drink a lot, it may affect our health. So I have another suggestion: listen to soft music before you go to bed.

What is soft music? It’s music that can help you relax. I faced this problem when I was a Form Two student. So, before I slept, I listened to my favourite song, Love Story. It works. It is worth trying.

Charlotte Chan, 18 , LKWFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School

Let music set your mood

It’s not how long you sleep, but the quality of sleep that counts. Listening to some gentle melodies can help unwind is and relieve our stress. After a long school day, we all feel exhausted, but a simple song can make us feel happy.

In addition, it has been proved that listening to music can reduce the number of times we wake up at night, so I think this is the best cure for lack of sleep.

If you feel stressed and drowsy during revision at midnight, spend 10 or 15 minutes listening to soft music. This can help ease your tension and re-energise yourself. However, remember not to listen to music while studying, as it could be distracting.

Katie Yiu, 15 , SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Cold comforts

Try to drink a large amount of ice-cold cola. You’ll immediately wake up from the brain freeze, and then be refreshed by a burp.

Au Yeung Cheuk-sum, 16 , LKWFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School

Wake up and work out

You should exercise in the morning if you want to have your eight hours at night. If you are living with your grandpa or grandma, you would know that they usually go for a walk in the park before having breakfast.

You could play a little bit of basketball or any other sport, which would also keep you in good shape and help you to concentrate in class.

Kenny Tsang, 14 , SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Acne, stress, insomnia, be gone! Natural essential oils can help you be healthier

Doctor knows best

I tried counting sheep but it didn’t work. Finally I went to the doctor. He gave me some medicine and I finally got enough sleep.

Medication might be a little harmful to our bodies, but it is the fastest cure for insomnia.

Andy Yip, 15 , Lau Wong Fat Secondary School

Make the most of your time

First, why don’t we have enough sleep? A heavy workload is the major reason why most of us suffer from sleep deprivation. The best cure is good time management, which is key to minimising our stress.

Sara Leung, 16, LKWFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School

Stop stressing, start snoozing

According to some professionals, one of the main causes of sleep deprivation is stress. People with hectic lifestyles usually suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation. So, I think the best cure for lack of sleep is to relieve stress.

First, you need to strike a balance between school and life, and spend more time with your family and friends, or do something you like to do.

Second, staying active and optimistic are important. Once you have become more upbeat, your life will be less stressful.

Third, laugh a lot. You may have heard of the expression: “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Lastly, do some exercise such as hiking or cycling. It will keep you happy and does not cost much.

Right, now you can have a good night’s sleep.

John Chan, 14 , SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Block out sleep

When I was a little child, I liked to pile up my Lego blocks into a Jenga tower, but now that I don’t have any Lego, I use my erasers and rulers to build my tower. I enjoy doing it so much that I don’t want to sleep anymore.

Ng Yu-chun, 14 , Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Return of the ice bucket challenge

Whenever I feel sleepy, I put my head in a bucket of ice water. The cold water is such a “shock” that I can stay awake to continue with my revision.

Leung Chun-hei, 13 , Immaculate Heart of Mary College

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