They gave you what?! Unbelievably bad presents that belong in the bin

They gave you what?! Unbelievably bad presents that belong in the bin

This week, we asked our readers, what's the worst present you've ever received, who was it from, and why was it so bad? Here are our favourite answers ...

Sign of the times

It was a sign for a baseball team I don't support ... Actually, I don't follow baseball at all. The disappointing thing is the person who gave me the "present" has known me for years.

Daanyal Ebrahim, 13, Island School

Rub the wrong way

It all happened when I was in Primary Three. I received a huge, beautifully wrapped box. I was so excited. But inside there was only a small eraser. My friends thought it was hilarious. I just think it was mean.

Natalie Lam, 14, Tak Nga Secondary School

Creepy tale

It has to be the time my best friend hid a fake cockroach inside a Christmas card. It was seriously disgusting and scary.

Andrew Larm, 18, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

I rest my case

Definitely a phone case. It isn't a bad gift, but it is when it doesn't fit your phone. So not only did I get a present that was completely useless, looking at its pretty cover made me sad that I couldn't use it.

Yuki Chiu, 17, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Something fishy

It was Christmas so my classmates decided to exchange gifts. My art teacher had suggested the idea, so I had high hopes. In the end, the gift I got was an iPad box ... with dried fish inside. I don't think I need to explain. Let's just say I had no idea what to do with the fish. Plus, it stank. I actually thought I would be getting an iPad. What a let-down!

Iris Or, 16, Marymount secondary school

Bad memories

I received a box which contained a stinky, dead mouse for my birthday. I screamed! Beside, there was a letter which read: "Hey, do you know who I'm? I'm XXXX and I know you really like animals. Hope you'll enjoy it!"

Corwynn Kwong, 15, Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College

Untimely gift

During a school Christmas party, I received a clock from one of my classmates. I was very upset. In Chinese tradition, it's not good to give someone a clock or watch. It can be regarded as counting the seconds to your death. I never want to receive a clock ever again.

Queeni Liu Yu-kwan, 16, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Sweating it out

The worst gift I ever received was a sweater that was too small for me. My grandmother misjudged my size horribly, and the worst part? I had to wear it to a Christmas party - in front of my seven-year-old crush.

Irisa, 12, King George V School

Out of line

A HK$200 online gift card (yay!) that expired two days before I got it!

Harmeet Bhatia, 15, West Island School

Seen in a new light

The worst gift I have ever received was a torch. For my eighth birthday, my parents decided that I needed a torch so we could go camping. I actually asked for a chocolate-making machine. If that wasn't bad enough, the next year I got batteries - for my torch!

Apple Lau, 15, South Island School

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