Top 10: Your dream dinner date with …?

Top 10: Your dream dinner date with …?

For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers, if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why? Here are our favourite answers …

Bemoaning the Bard

I would have dinner with William Shakespeare, so I could tell him how much grief he has caused present-day students with his literary works, as fine as they are.

Gerald Koh, 16, West Island School

A grand old time

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be my late grandparents! They passed away before I was born, so I never had the chance to meet them. I wish I could dine with them so I could find out more about their lives. I'd love to hear about my grandfather's career in the traditional letterpress printing industry, and I could also hear some stories about my dad when he was a child - he seldom tells me about that.

Yam Wai-shan, 16, St Paul's Co-educational College

Political dinner party

Sam Kahamba Kutesa, the former president of the United Nations. I'm really interested in global issues, especially climate change. I would like to know more about what UN officials do and how they do it. It would be an extraordinary experience, and it would maybe help me in the future.

Jeanie Li, 14, Maryknoll Convent School

A smile from Stiles

Without a doubt, Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien (aka my boyfriend but he just doesn't know it yet). I am so completely in love with him it's not even funny. He's an amazing person. However, we'd probably have to skip the food at dinner since my basic life functions (e.g. eating, blinking, breathing) would stop working if I ever met him. And I would be grateful for it.

Christy Cheung, 16, St Paul's Co-educational College

Chow down with chimps

I would love to have dinner with primatologist Jane Goodall. Her knowledge and expertise on what is needed to save the natural world is so inspiring, and has never been more important. Her life is also one of a kind, and I am sure she would have many amazing stories to tell about chimpanzees!

Belinda Ng, 15, South Island School

Snacking with samurai

I would choose to have dinner with Chris Bradford, the author of the Young Samurai and Bodyguard series. I look up to him as an idol, because I really enjoyed his books.

Marissa Chow, 10, Kowloon Junior School

Would we even eat?

It has to be Marina Abramovic. The godly performance artist who shocked the world with her work The Artist is Present. Talking, or even just sitting with this woman would just be the most precious thing in the world. With her eerie yet visionary way of expressing thoughts, I'm sure I'd learn a lot.

Sebastian Wong, 16, PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College

Crisp king

I'd have dinner with George Crum. Not a lot of people know him, but it is this genius who brought the world the beauty of potato chips - crisps - for which I am ever so thankful. He could even re-enact the scene for me, and I'd be able to witness the beautiful moment when crisps were invented. Wonderful.

Anushka Purohit, 15, Renaissance College Hong Kong

Talking to terrorists

I'd love to have a sit-down meal with jihadists and demand justice from them. I'd ask them why they feel it is necessary to kill innocent civilians in the name of Islam. Why do they feel that mass killing and brainwashing the next generation can ever be justified? And what is the real purpose of their horrific crimes? To protect their religion, or just to provoke the entire world?

Veronica Lin, 16, HKIS

Eating Fast and Furious-ly

Paul Walker, obviously! I've been following the Fast and Furious series since the first movie, and it would be a fantasy turned into reality to see him just one more time! What a privilege, I'd be the luckiest girl in the world. Probably wouldn't advise him to drive us home though ...

Nitika Chandiramani, 14, KGV

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