Look at life's leading lights and tech

Look at life's leading lights and tech

This week, we asked our readers which is the one piece of technology you can't live without? Here are our favourite answers ...

1) All at your fingertips!

It would definitely be a computer. I mean, practically everyone on this planet knows what it is! Computers help make our lives much easier, while keeping us in touch with all our friends and loved ones. Also, there are thousands of other reasons which are just as important but I don't need to write them down here.

Ady Lam, 10, Beacon Hill School

2) Picture perfect

I can't live without the digital camera, which is the most important aspect of my phone. It lets us take photos anytime, anywhere. Thanks to digital cameras, we can keep a record of what's happening in our lives. Even a simple photo can make my day!

Chan King-sze, Lung Kong WFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary school

3) Heavenly device

The headphone is the greatest invention of this century. The most important feature of this device is that I can listen to whatever I want without causing problems for others. Once I put on my headphones, I feel like I am living in my own world!

Chung Hoi-yiu, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

4) Lifelong companion

My phone, because I always feel safe when I have it with me. For example, if I'm in trouble or have an accident, I can call someone, such as my parents or the police, to help me. My phone is also a source of entertainment when I am bored. I can watch movies, surf the internet or keep in touch with my friends. So don't leave home without it!

Chan Wing-tung, 14, Lui Cheung-kwong, Lutheran College

5) Alarm bells are ringing

I really can't live without an alarm clock. I am a lazy man. Without it, I would be lost.

Lui Cheung Kwong, 15, Lutheran Collage, Tsoi Lung Kwan

6) All a-glow

I cannot imagine life without light bulbs. Without them, the world would be dark and this scares me. I wouldn't be able to do my homework or play card games. The world would be so boring if there were no light bulbs.

Emily Liu, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

7) Music to my ears

The MP3 player, because I love music. I listen to music during study breaks, when I am walking along the street, or taking the MTR. Also, listening to music can help me improve my English. The mp3 player is definitely the one piece of technology I can't live without.

Chan Wing-yiu, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

8) Cool device

Can you imagine life without a fridge? Besides helping to reduce wastage by preserving food, a fridge is the place where we store all those delicious desserts! If possible, I would actually like to carry one around, especially during summer, although it would be a little bit heavy!

Mandy Yeung, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

9) Uplifting thought 

Which floor do you live on? My flat is on the 27th floor. How do I get home if there are no lifts? By taking the stairs? No way! I am a fat boy and I find it difficult to climb the stairs to my classroom on the sixth floor. I wouldn't be able to survive without lifts. 

Lee Hong-wa, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tang Secondary School

10) No email, no links with YP

I think a lot of junior reporters would probably relate to this: the one piece of technology we can't live without is email. Without email, we wouldn't be able to respond to Top 10s or Talking Points, or most importantly, submit applications to join the awesome activities organised by Young Post!

Sebastian Wong, 16, PLK Vicwood K. T. Chong Sixth Form College

For our next Top 10, tell us, if you had to be stranded somewhere for a weekend, where would you choose? Send your answer, together with your name, age and school, to reporter.club@scmp.com with "Top 10: stranded" in the subject field. The best answers will be published in the next Top 10 page!

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