Dine with Alex the lion and his friends from Madagascar at Macau

Dine with Alex the lion and his friends from Madagascar at Macau

Fancy food, Madagascar characters and a special show … here's what Young Post's junior reporters thought of the Madagascar Summer Feast with the DreamWorks gang


YP junior reporters (from left) Jenny Ng, Christy Cheung, Scarlet Au and Nike Lai Kei with Alex the Lion
Photo: John Kang/ SCMP

A feast for the eyes

I was speechless with awe as I stepped into the dining hall where we would be having our buffet lunch.

The room felt grand, like a castle, with huge hanging pictures of characters from some of DreamWorks' most famous movies, including Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon and, of course, Madagascar.

A huge stage at the front let guests watch the live entertainment while enjoying a summer feast.

The penguins from Madagascar stood in front, dancing around goofily and taking photos with the guests. An excited crowd even formed a line to meet them.

Laid out under spotlights around the room, the buffet food looked and smelled delicious, while the chefs certainly looked the part in their professional uniforms.

Right away, I was confident that the meal would be extraordinary.

All in all, just arriving at the venue made us even more excited about the Madagascar performance and the mouth-watering dishes, and it wasn't long before we dug in to the great food and entertainment on offer.

Christy Cheung

Value and variety

A Dreamworks-inspired mega-feast
Photo: John Kang/ SCMP

For 280 patacas (HK$272) for adults and 160 patacas for children, this buffet at a five-star hotel in Macau is totally worth it. The venue is spacious and modern, and there's a good variety of food, with a balance of Asian and Western dishes.

There are two soups of the day, plus cold meat appetisers. Options for the main course include vegetables, seafood, pork, chicken and beef - cooked however you'd like.

There are also noodles, pasta and sashimi stands, where you can watch your order being prepared by chefs right in front of you.

I would recommend the adorable Kung Fu Panda-inspired buns. Decorated to look like a panda face, they are stuffed with traditional Chinese lotus seeds and taste like the buns served in yum cha restaurants.

Overall, the food was definitely on par with a five-star hotel's high standards.

Scarlet Au

A tango on the taste buds

The desserts corner was the most popular part of the buffet.

Most guests didn't know where to start when faced with such a huge selection of treats, including chocolate-covered bananas, a chocolate fountain with marshmallows for dipping, an Italian tiramisu, brownies, ice cream, biscuits and cakes.

One of my favourites was a steamed white bun decorated with two green ears to make it look like Fiona from Shrek. It was a twist on the traditional Chinese lotus seed bun and had an interesting and colourful green tea paste filling. It was great to look at, though I found the bun a bit dense.

A smooth, white cheesecake topped with a lavish layer of blueberry jam also caught my eye.

Amid a table of chocolate-covered desserts, the purple-flecked whiteness of the blueberry cheesecake was a refreshing and appealing sight.

With just the right amount of sweetness from the cream and sourness from the blueberries, each bite brought a tango to the taste buds.

Jenny Ng Hong-yu

Penguin pandemonium

King Julien dancing up a storm onstage
Photo: John Kang/ SCMP

During the show, there was an array of exciting performances, but the best was surely when Madagascar's Alex the lion got on stage to dance with a bunch of back-up dancers. The children in the audience danced, too, jumping up and down in excitement and clapping along.

The highlight of the entertainment was "Rico's Birthday Party". It was Madagascar penguin Rico's birthday and the other three penguins were pumped.

There was a little problem though - it turns out that Private had forgotten to get a present for Rico! So Private slipped off on his own to find a present, and his disappearance caused his penguin friends to worry.

The other Madagascar friends - Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo and King Julien the lemur - dropped by to lend a hand. In the end, the penguins found Private and they all partied together.

Out of all the characters, I liked King Julien the most, as he was the liveliest. The plot of the story wasn't complicated, but it was a wonderfully joyous show with delightful singing and dancing.

Nike Lai Kei

Madagascar Summer Feast with the DreamWorks Gang ends on September 30. For more information, go to www.sandsresortsmacao.com

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Dinner with Alex the lion


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