IISuperwomanII is not just an incredible performer, but also a sound role model

IISuperwomanII is not just an incredible performer, but also a sound role model

Young Post sent junior reporters Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari and Belinda Ng to see Canadian YouTuber IISuperwomanII perform in Hong Kong. Here's what they thought about the lovable Lilly Singh


Superwoman, Lilly Singh, was met with thunderous applause.
Superwoman, Lilly Singh, was met with thunderous applause.


Lilly gets support from the unicorn crew.
Lilly gets support from the unicorn crew.


No one puts on a show quite like Lilly.
No one puts on a show quite like Lilly.


Lily's "dad" Manjeet sings Anaconda.
Lily's "dad" Manjeet sings Anaconda.


These Superwoman fans sure know their memes.
These Superwoman fans sure know their memes.

If you look forward to "What's up, everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman!" every Monday and Thursday, then you're already familiar with the Indo-Canadian YouTube personality, motivational speaker and comedian IISuperwomanII, AKA Lilly Singh. For those die-hard fans out there, you'll already know about Superwoman's uploads featuring amusing caricatures of her typical South Asian parents.

On Saturday night in Mong Kok's Macpherson Stadium, Lilly succeeded in her goal of bringing us all to her "Unicorn Island", a happy place where everyone smiles.

Having once battled prolonged depression, the YouTuber is now completely transformed. She was a true Superwoman on stage, amping up the crowd's energy, leaving everyone screaming, laughing and crying for more.

Let the show begin

Superwoman was super fun and full of energy.

More than 600 fans cheered as they watched a video countdown that showed Singh's emotional battle with depression. The video included the first appearance of Manjeet (Superwomen's "father") as they all flew to Unicorn Island. As the lights dimmed, Superwoman took to the stage along with her unicorn crew, dancing to Pharrell Williams' Happy - which totally suited the theme.

As well as big dance numbers, which showed how multi-talented Superwoman is, the highlights were all her witty remarks and jokes about relationships, body shape and parents, just as her videos do. Ever aware of pop culture, there were even Frozen references.

Keeping things PG-friendly, she directed many of the jokes towards the parents in attendance. However, the talk also had an underlying message about self-confidence, being unique and acknowledging that "you are not perfect, and you should be proud of this!"

The "family" stops by

Paramjeet hassles the audience.

The feel-good message didn't spoil the fun. A combination of videos and real-life appearances from Lilly's "parents" (portrayed by Superwoman herself) began with a Skype call with the infamous Paramjeet, Lilly's mother.

"Why you all here? You should study, don't waste your money listening to Lilly," she said. Then she launched into a catchy Bollywood mashup, before abruptly stopping the music to condemn her dancers for being too "lovey dovey" - classic Paramjeet!

Lilly Singh tells all about the hard work that's gone into her career a YouTube sensation

She then invited a few of the fans up on stage to be "interrogated". But even Paramjeet was left shocked by the sheer volume and excitement of the fans, resulting in her jokingly yelling "SHUT UP!" at the audience many times.

A quick costume change and Lilly returned, this time as her father, King Manjeet Singh. His entrance was as charming as can be. Surrounded by dancers in elaborate royal costume, he entered with a flourish. Manjeet was in fact "cool" enough to freeze Frozen's Olaf. He shared some favourite pick-up lines, and danced to Anaconda with three female dancers, which got the crowd even more excited.

Sheer poetry and music

A duet with Humble the Poet.

The show wouldn't have been complete without a visit from Lilly's friend Humble the Poet. He and the whole unicorn crew danced and rapped their new joint songs #LEH and Clean Up Anthem. The noise level was through the roof and everyone showed off their best moves as they sang along.

Best of all, we all got the chance to be "famous" on YouTube, as Lilly filmed a vlog on stage with all of us going wild in the background. 

Just when we thought it was over, Superwoman gave us one last surprise. Having announced she was the worst singer in the world, she sang Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud - with a few clever twists to the lyrics. The heartfelt song of gratitude contained a message directed to every single person in the audience for their support over the years. How could anyone not love her then and there?

It would be an understatement to say that we left the stadium speechless that night. Superwoman took us on an emotional rollercoaster ride with a powerful message about finding our own Unicorn Island of happiness - something that'll remain in our hearts forever!

Belinda (left) and Snehaa (right) got to meet Superwoman in the flesh.


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