Scad's first fashion show featured creative designs, a unique runway, and Next Top Model's Miss J Alexander

Scad's first fashion show featured creative designs, a unique runway, and Next Top Model's Miss J Alexander

Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana - they all had to start somewhere. Young Post's junior reporters went out to see the next generation of fashion icons


Runway models make it work as they strut their stuff on the catwalk.
Runway models make it work as they strut their stuff on the catwalk.
Photo: Scad Hong Kong


Emily Lei, Cynthia Jutras and Sebastian Wong pose with Miss J Alexander.
Emily Lei, Cynthia Jutras and Sebastian Wong pose with Miss J Alexander.
Photo: John Kang

The Savanna College of Art and Design (Scad) Hong Kong hosted its first-ever fashion show at its campus last week, featuring 30 original designs from the Scad's fashion students.

Guests included fashionistas, socialites and celebrities, including Next Top Model's Miss J Alexander.

Young Post's junior reporters were also invited, and this is what they thought ...

A visit from Miss J Alexander

Last Thursday's fashion show at Scad Hong Kong was a spectacular way to spend a school night. I got there early, and it was interesting to see the fashion dignitaries arriving at the venue.

As I stood waiting under a beautiful, ancient banyan tree, models in their chic outfits and sleek, pulled-back hair mingled with artists and designers.

The event was attended by people of many different nationalities. They were dressed mostly in bold black and leather - ultra-modern outfits that completely challenged Hong Kong's fashion boundaries. It's not every day that one sees people dressed so provocatively, styling themselves with so much edge.

The atmosphere that evening at Scad must have been quite different compared to a regular school day. Slow thumping music was playing, the lighting was dim and the place was mainly lit by red neon lights framing the windows. The atmosphere was almost like a nightclub.

The junior reporters strike their best fashion poses at the photobooth. Photo: John Kang


Waiters dressed in waistcoats handed out drinks and delicious canapes as fashionistas and artists chatted amiably with each other.

In an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement, everyone awaited the splendid garments, and the DJ played a big part in setting the mood with music that slowly became more intense.

Then suddenly, the spotlights switched on, the music pumped up, and models strutted out from behind the doors of an old courtroom and set about posing on the elevated runway. The stage was mirrored, giving a stunning result, as the garments could be seen from so many different angles. It made for a unique and artistic presentation of the wonderful pieces.

Other than the runway show, there were two other activities on offer, both of which provided lovely souvenirs of the evening. One was a photobooth that took stills to produce a flipbook, and the other was a chance to get a portrait done by students that study illustration. Both were very popular, and guests loved that they could take home personalised souvenirs.

But the highlight of the evening was the presence of the fabulous Miss J Alexander, whom many of us know as a judge and runway coach from America's Next Top Model. He graciously posed for so many photos as fans swarmed over whenever they caught sight of him - which wasn't hard, as he's almost 2 metres tall and was dressed in a gold jacket.

It was an unforgettable evening; a splendid celebration of the wonderful creations of fashion students.
Cynthia Jutras

Fashion with flair ... I gotta have it!

As the lights brightened and the models stepped through the doors in a neat line, white lights flashed rhythmically.

Although the models were truly beautiful, the spotlight wasn't on them tonight - it was on the edgy collection designed by senior fashion students of Scad Hong Kong.

Thirty designs by students and alumni designers were especially brought in from Scad's flagship campus in Savannah, Georgia, in the US, so we could appreciate and celebrate the work in one fabulous night.

Every piece of clothing expressed its unique style and told its own story; as if part of the designer was displayed to us, exposing their vulnerability. Though there were common colour schemes used across all the displays, each managed to stand out in its own way.

A full house turned up at the campus to witness the fashion creations from Scad Hong Kong students and alumni. Photo: Scad Hong Kong


Some of the outfits were designed to be worn casually outdoors, some were for formal occasions, and some oozed an out-of-this-world vibe.

The first collection used different shades of white and grey. The designs were simplistic, but stylish. The one that caught my attention was a classic navy and white, designed by Beverly Sung from Taiwan.

The top had a Barrymore collar, which could be worn open or closed, and elbow-length bell sleeves. The bottom of the shirt had one V-cut on each side and the top went over the skirt.

The second collection displayed more muted colours, giving it an air of mystery. In this round, my favourite piece used an array of neon bright colours, which gave the designs with a futuristic vibe.

But the most eye-catching piece of the entire collection was designed by Leah Smith from the US.

It was a cropped, woven sweatshirt in bright orange, blue and yellow, with a high collar and puffy elbow-length sleeves.

It was matched with a pull-on gathered skirt, decorated with simplistic but artistic strokes, as if drawn with black ink.

It was clear that the students came from different backgrounds, as they incorporated their multiculturalism into their designs.

These pieces will now go to Savannah to be displayed again in a large-scale fashion show.
Emily Lei

A place for dreams to come true

What caught my eye from all the fascinating fashion pieces in this unique show was not just the tremendous creativity behind the garments, but also the pure talent shown by Scad Hong Kong arts students, including those who drew portraits for the guests.

"Scad has provided golden opportunities for us," said Lok Wong, a second year student who was doing ink brush painting for the guests. "It is really rare in Hong Kong to draw portraits for people since we haven't developed an art culture like Western countries, but here I am doing it."

Nicknamed "The University for Creative Careers", Scad could be the largest and most inclusive arts school in Hong Kong, offering degrees in more than 40 majors, ranging from luxury and fashion management to interactive design and game development.

Without a doubt, it is not a place for rote learning; instead you can use your creativity and imagination to maximise your potential.

And it's also not just a case of 15 minutes of fame. According to the Scad alumni employment study report, 96 per cent of master's degree and 93 per cent of bachelor's degree holders reported being employed, pursuing further education or both.

Of the total number of employed respondents, 86 per cent are working in the industry for which they studied or in a related field.

This convinced me that students in this beautiful campus have a great chance of achieving their dreams.

The show was attended by people from Hong Kong's fashion community, including industry veterans and shop owners.

It has been only three years since Scad Hong Kong launched its first fashion programme, but they already managed to get Miss J Alexander as a guest and coach for the models. The results are crystal clear; it's a smashing success!
Sebastian Wong

Scad Hong Kong will have a free open day on February 7. You can register on the Scad website.

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