The mighty Autobots on show

The mighty Autobots on show

If you love Transformers as much as the YP junior reporters do, here's a birthday celebration that'll knock your socks off

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Transformers franchise. The Venetian Macao is hosting what it calls the largest-ever Transformers expo in Asia, featuring thousands of toys and collectibles, the world debut of two-metre-tall 3D holograms, and seven-metre statues of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Here's what Young Post's junior reporters thought ...

It's incredibly massive

At 2,650 sq m, the Transformers 30th Anniversary Expo features 10 zones and screening rooms all packed into one of The Venetian Macao's enormous expo halls.

You enter the expo through Zone 1 (Alliance Station), where you can see how the Transformers developed over the past three decades.

In Zone 2 (Transformers Decode), you'll see one of the expo's highlights, a two-metre-tall 3D hologram of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots.

Zones 3 (Matrix Fight), 5 (The Secret Space) and 6 (World War) have Transformers figures in scenes from the movies, which are great photo opportunities.

There's an even better photo opportunity in Zone 7 (Military Base), where you can take photos with the seven-metre-tall Autobots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

There's also a cool 3D mapping of Optimus Prime's physique, showing all the details of its machinery in Zone 4 (Power Up Point).

Our favourite was Zone 8 (Collections Vault). As its name implies, the zone has more than 400 limited edition figures which are for sale only at the expo. The collection includes some figures from Hong Kong megafan Mark Chan. The delicate and detailed robot figures attract fans of all ages, from the adults born in the '80s who were reminiscing about their childhood, to the younger fans, who got hooked on the films and Megan Fox.

Leanne Cheng and Vera Ho

Holograms were just the start

Our favourite zone was Zone 2, the one with the hologram, because holograms are the best gift to humanity. They have ensured the "rebirth" of 2Pac and Michael Jackson. And now the folks at the Venetian are using this 3D technology to bring Transformers to life.

When we first walked into the exhibition hall, which was five minutes from the nearest toilet, we were greeted by a two-metre-tall projection of Optimus Prime. It was an experience comparable only to witnessing Jesus' second coming.

Reality was clearly not an issue with this exhibit; we were almost able to see - but did feel - the power of the air-conditioning units. That experience really allowed us to fully comprehend the might of the glorious supreme leader of the Autobots.

Being able to come close to the legendary character who graced our childhood with pure happiness and endless hours of entertainment was indeed a moment of a lifetime. It's something that everyone will be able to appreciate on a family trip to our sister SAR.

Henry Lui and Tayyab Shahzada

Statues' sheer size impressive

The highlight must be the seven-metre-tall figures of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. That's taller than three Yao Mings (姚明) on top of one another and not far from Optimus Prime's height (around nine metres).

It's not just the statues' height that catches the visitors' attention, but also the bright contrast between the bold yellow of Bumblebee and the red and blue of Optimus Prime, as they stand grandly in the centre.

Stunned visitors crane their necks to see the heads of these gigantic fibreglass figurines, which weigh 1,500kg each. They are being presented in Macau for the first time, giving their admirers a taste of the intimidation and strength that the Transformers portray. They inspire young fans to be as courageous as they are.

Alicia Geng

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The mighty Autobots on show


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