Essentials for a storm

Essentials for a storm

Hong Kong already had a black rainstorm, and with plenty of thunderstorms to be expected later this summer, we should think about building our own storm shelter! We asked our readers what one item they would bring with them to their underground bunker

1. I would bring a "1,000 sudoku" booklet with me because those puzzles are the best way to kill time! It will distract you from fear and hunger, making your stay in the shelter a little less uncomfortable. And when I solve a sudoku puzzle, it gives me an enormous sense of achievement which can also bring hope and reassurance!

Juliana Law, 18

2. I would bring an unsolved mathematical problem. (There's a whole list for me to choose from on Wikipedia!) Fermat's Last Theorem took mathematicians three centuries to solve; I'm sure the storm wouldn't last that long!

Ruby Leung, 16

3. My friend, Rachael. As the most reliable person in the universe, she would definitely keep me from harm.

Heidi Kwan, 16

4. I'm afraid of thunderstorms, so I would definitely bring my phone with me. It would make me feel safe to know that I could call someone for help!

Patricia Yeung, 17

5. I'd bring my Amazon Kindle because it has all my books. Also, even if the lights go out, you still can read it in the dark, thanks to the newly invented backlight technology.

Veronica Lin, 13

6. I would bring a classical guitar so that I could serenade the storm dodgers by gently plucking Chopin's Raindrop Prelude.

Jade Lam, 16

7. Lots of popcorn to watch the thunderstorm show!

Minnie Yip, 15

8. I would definitely take my laptop. If not, how would you be able to see this post?

9. A guitar, so we could sing the storm away!

Emmanuel Hui, 18

10. A multi-purpose pillow for hugging, sleeping and pillow fighting!

Julie Shi, 14

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