Two ice cream joints at Langham Place you have to try before warm weather leaves us

Two ice cream joints at Langham Place you have to try before warm weather leaves us

Round up your squad after school and head over to Langham Place for all sorts of different ice cream desserts!


This dessert was a monster hit.
Photo: Scarlet Au

The summer holiday is well and truly over (pardon us while we dry our eyes) but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep the summer spirit alive. Our junior reporters head to Langham Place in Mong Kok to pretend the summer is still happening in a few great dessert places in the mall.

Sweet Monster

This place is known for its signature Caramel and Cheese Popcorn Ice Cream dessert. The ice cream itself is made fresh daily with milk, and no vanilla flavouring.

You might think that sounds quite bland, but actually the milk flavour pairs with the cheesy and caramel popcorn very well. The popcorn, specially shipped from Korea, is added on top of the ice cream, as is a tasty cherry.

There are many flavours on offer at Sweet Monster, but my favourite was the Caramel and Cheese Popcorn Ice Cream, and it looked like the Langham Place crowd agreed with me, as it was ordered often in the busy store.

The prices range from HK$19-HK$39.

Scarlet Au

Decadent chocolate tart making – how hard can it be?

The sundae struck a good balance.
Photo: Shayna Sujanani

Antoshimo Café & Bakery

I tried the Okinawa Doughnut Sundae (HK$30 for one cup, HK$50 for two).

The sundae was made of brown sugar ice cream, sea-salt caramel sauce, white jelly pearls, Okinawa beniimo (which is a sweet potato and yam paste) in the shape of a little flower on top, and two large Okinawa doughnut sticks.

The ice cream is sweet and creamy, and the caramel sauce adds a saltiness that helps balance the flavours. The jelly pearls add a chewy texture.

The doughnut sticks definitely took us by surprise. We weren’t sure what they were at first, and we did not know if we would like their taste. But like the jelly pearls, they provide a different texture to the dessert.

The doughnut sticks were neither sweet nor salty, and helped tie the whole dessert together.

Shayna Sujanani

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Desserts aren’t just for summer


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