Crazy adventure at the Macau Tower for AJ Hackett's Crazy Jump Day 2015

Crazy adventure at the Macau Tower for AJ Hackett's Crazy Jump Day 2015

Our YP junior reporters were living on the edge when they tried out the Skywalk Track in Macau


(From the back) Anushka Purohit's father, Rakesh, Anushka, JR manager Tiffany Choi, and Nicholas Ng.
Photo: AJ Hackett

Our JRs visited the Macau Tower on December 5, the same day that bungee-operators AJ Hackett held its fifth Crazy Jump day. This year's theme, "kung fu", attracted more than 30 jumpers dressed in different kung fu costumes. There was also a surprise performance from two kung fu masters, who put on a martial arts demonstration on the Skywalk Track, more than 230 metres above the ground.

Organisers handed out awards to some of the participants, including a Best Costume Award, Best Performance Award, and Sony Best Shot Award. Aquino da Silva received the Best Costume Award and HK$2,000 cash for his portrayal of Bronze Man, a fictional kung fu character from Stephen Chow Sing-chi's God Of Cookery.

The day was a lot of fun and excitement, but it was also done for a good cause: more than HK$100,000 was raised for the Macau Red Cross.

Bronze Man won the Best Costume Award at the Crazy Jump Day in Macau.
Photo: AJ Hackett

True risk-taker

The Skywalk Track is 233 metres off the ground, but I only realised how high this was when my ears started popping in the lift on the way up. When I walked out of the lift on the 55th floor of the Macau Tower, my jacket almost flew off in the wind! But it wasn't too windy for the kung fu masters. They put on a crazy show on the Skywalk for Crazy Jump Day. It was amazing how they could do such a complex performance while wearing safety harnesses.

Finally it was our turn to put on the safety harnesses and do the Skywalk! I was quite nervous, and I'm sure the staff members could tell, especially when I asked them to check my safety gear a fourth time. You can't blame me, though: I was about to walk on a tower that is more than 150 times my height.

As soon as we got on the podium, I knew this was something I was going to remember for the rest of my life. We were told we were starting simple, but I guess our guide has a different idea of "simple", because our first challenge was to lean off the edge. How is this simple?

Next, we had to gather our harness, run as fast as we can, and swing. What if I flew off the tower? This question ran through my head, but when I swung out into thin air with no surface below me, I knew I was a true risk-taker. Never would I have imagined myself to be swinging so high in the air!

Anushka Purohit

Kung fu masters braved the wind and rain to put on a martial arts performance.
Photo: AJ Hackett

On a high

In the centre of Macau you can walk around on a narrow path 233 metres off the ground, taking cool photos and enjoying the view. From the Macau Tower's Skywalk Track, we enjoyed a full view of the city from above, including old churches, glittering casinos, and the Sai Van Bridge, which links the Macau Peninsula with Taipa Island.

It was Crazy Jump Day when we visited the Skywalk, which meant lots of people were watching us. After putting on our safety harnesses and three safety cords, we were finally ready to go.

Stepping on the path, my first thought was: "It is slippery." I performed an unintentional Harlem Shake while our guide showed us the sights. From that height, the landscape seemed vast and endless. Seeing all those ant-sized cars and people made me realise just how insignificant we are.

Our guide also challenged us to pose for different photos. My favourite shot was leaning over the side of the tower with both hands free. The wind and drizzle made it harder to move, but it added to the sense of adventure I was feeling.

During the walk I learned a lot about Macau, but the most important thing I learned was to try new things that are both safe and unusual. Being able to see Macau far beneath my feet without having to worry about falling was both eye-opening and thrilling.

Nicholas Ng

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Daring adventurein the sky


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