How Junior Reporters can contribute to Young Post

How Junior Reporters can contribute to Young Post

Junior reporters can write for Young Post in a variety of ways:

Cover stories

Junior reporters can pitch story ideas to the club manager by email ( or during editorial meetings (meetings are held once or twice a month and junior reporters are invited by email). The pitch must answer as many of the 5 Ws and 1 H (who, what, when, where, why, and how), why you think Hong Kong students (i.e. our readers) will be interested, and the angle of the story.

Here are some examples of a pitch:

1) Young Post (who) is organising an awards ceremony called “Junior Reporter Awards” (what) to reward their best junior reporters (why) on January 1 (when) at their headquarters in Tai Po (where). Hong Kong students will be interested in this because they love Young Post and many of their friends are junior reporters. I can interview the editor of Young Post about what Junior Reporter Awards mean to the newspaper and a summary of the finalists (angle).

2) My classmate John Smith (who) received the “Best Cover/Feature” award at Young Post’s Junior Reporter Awards (what) this year, which was held on January 1 (when) at its headquarters in Tai Po (where). His winning story is titled “Best Cover Ever” and was about “Something Really Interesting” (why). Hong Kong students would like to know how to write a great cover story, so I can interview John about how to write one and where he got the inspiration (angle).

Reporters’ Club articles

The club manager will send emails notifying junior reporters about reporting opportunities. There are a variety of reporting opportunities, from charity runs to amusement park openings. So if there is any that you are interested in covering, simply reply the email with your name, age, school and contact number. Selected junior reporters will be notified by email before the event date.

News articles

A reporter’s job is to tell us what’s happening, so junior reporters should tell us about what’s happening around them, such as what’s happening in their school. If anything newsworthy happens, let us know by sending an email to explaining the event, together with a photo if possible.

Contribute to other columns

There are many columns junior reporters can contribute to in Young Post, such as Top 10 (a witty response to the weekly topic) and Talking Points (a serious response to a sensitive topic).


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