Where will your money go?

Where will your money go?

We know you take the Lunar New Year greeting 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' (Congratulations and be prosperous) seriously - especially the 'prosperous' part. You're usually the first ones to benefit from lai see money. So we asked you to tell us what you're planning to do with your lai see. Here are your top-10 answers

Gadget geek

It's lai see season again and, in materialistic Hong Kong, it is hard to resist not owning the latest and swankiest gadgets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my aunts and uncles are generous enough so that I can buy a new iPhone 5S. Since it makes me feel a little guilty, I'll buy some books, too, so that I stay in my parents' good books.

Dhruv Singh, 16

All about science

I simply love spending money on all things to do with science. Unfortunately, science books and equipment aren't cheap. But fortunately, I'll be getting some extra cash from lai see soon!

Harry Cheng, 17


Smart move

I'm going to be smart and responsible, and save my lai see money for university studies.

Renée Shum, 15

Ahead of the times

When I was younger, lai see meant nothing to me because my mother always kept the money. But now that I'm grown up, I'm going to spend it on the things I want! This year, I'm going to save it for my graduation trip next year.

Gifthy Chan, 18

Breaking free

I will definitely save it for travelling. I want to get away from this fast-paced and stressful city for a while, and meet friends who are studying abroad. I need a break!

Ng Lok-yan, 19

Food frenzy

I'm going to spend all my lai see money on food. My mum always told me to use my lai see money on necessities. So, since I already have enough air and have a roof over my head, food it is!

Helen Wong, 14

Back to the future

I'm probably going to be really boring and save up for university. I'm sure the future me is proud of me!

Hua Yuk-ting, 14

Just rewards

I'm going to use my lai see money to help fund the association my friends and I created called "Joint School Senior Needs Association". It focuses on helping the elderly in Hong Kong. Since helping the community is hard work, I'll reward myself by buying some wonderful baking equipment with the left-over money!

Natasha Lau, 16

Good luck!

Despite growing up in a Westernised family, the habit of sticking all my lai see money straight under my pillow is hard to break. My grandmother grew up in China and she told me that sleeping with your lai see money brings good luck. I'm still waiting for the day when something extremely lucky happens to me, though!

Nastassja Chan, 17

Way to go!

I'll keep my lai see money in my piggy bank and try not to spend it on clothes, because I'm saving up for a trip to the Great White Way, aka Broadway, in New York - a place where dreams come true.

Jennifer Tang, 17

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Where will your money go?


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