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15 Feb 2017 Food trucks are completely new to the city, and we are all licking our lips at the thought of their offerings. Our Junior reporters took the chance to taste food from the trucks at last weekend.
09 Dec 2016 Although some of the most famous glass in the world comes from Murano (a series of islands in the Venetian Lagoon in Italy), glass-making can be done anywhere – including Hong Kong.
27 Nov 2016 Eight years after their last full length studio album Death Magnetic, the biggest metal band ever returns with a purposeful vengeance.
25 Nov 2016 It is hard to imagine what Hong Kong was like during colonial days. But photos from Hungarian Photographer Dezső Bozoky show the beauty and chaos of our city’s past.
30 Oct 2016 In an era when the threat of backlash steers many bands away from making political statements, CharmCharmChu doesn’t apologise for what it wants to say – no matter the subject.
13 Oct 2016 Nine teams took part in the 14th annual BOCI-Prudential Asset Management 2016 HKAHC Invitational Ice Hockey Tournament. The action went down at Mega Ice in Megabox from September 16-18.
23 Sep 2016 The problem of single-use plastic water bottles has long troubled environmentalists. However, society is looking at ways we can reverse this trend.