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28 Feb 2019 Historically, the Catholic Church has never accepted homosexuality. It is less of a human attitude, more of an unambiguous interpretation of the Bible.
14 Feb 2019 In a capitalist society, where wealth and influence determine a person’s value, certain groups will always be left marginalised.
10 Jan 2019 Living in a capitalist society, we are reliant upon mass production and consumption. That consumption, whether it’s the food we eat or the places that we live, supports a constant decline in creativity and individuality.
29 Nov 2018 You should spend a good amount of time researching before choosing your degree courses to manage your expectations
15 Nov 2018 Young Hongkongers show little to no concern for things that are central to true progressivism.
11 Oct 2018 Domestic helpers are being told that they aren’t allowed to shower at home. Let’s call it what it is: racial segregation in 2018.
04 Oct 2018 You may face difficulties but enjoy your journey because you deserve to be there – it’s the fruits of all your efforts, not another form of torture.
20 Sep 2018 Independent thinking is arguably the primary purpose of education. In the Chinese classic text Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said: “Knowing yourself is true wisdom … mastering yourself is true power.” Knowledge is only useful when a person acquires it to benefit him or her and the common good.
13 Sep 2018 A Chinese rap competition’s presentation of the music genre developed by African Americans is both laughable and ridiculous.