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10 Oct 2019 Although they represented the city at the UN, there are many who don't think violence will lead to peace, but their opinions aren't being heard
29 Sep 2019 Here’s why aggression isn’t always a bad thing and how possessing a university degree doesn’t make a person better than someone without one
19 Sep 2019 Opposing the ongoing anti-government unrest does not make a person a 'betrayer' of the city.
02 Aug 2019 In this post-truth society, numbers can be manipulated to prove almost anything.
09 May 2019 A Hong Kong student talks about joining the Black and Minority Ethnics network at the University of Bristol.
02 May 2019 A lot of attention has been given to the moral aspect of the singer's behaviour, but what about the taxi driver profiting from his illegal recording?
28 Feb 2019 Historically, the Catholic Church has never accepted homosexuality. It is less of a human attitude, more of an unambiguous interpretation of the Bible.
14 Feb 2019 In a capitalist society, where wealth and influence determine a person’s value, certain groups will always be left marginalised.
10 Jan 2019 Living in a capitalist society, we are reliant upon mass production and consumption. That consumption, whether it’s the food we eat or the places that we live, supports a constant decline in creativity and individuality.