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21 Aug 2016 There aren’t many Chinese-American artists who have made it big in the Western music industry, but hopefully Zhu will make his mark with this meaty meal of an album, Generationwhy.
07 Aug 2016 Fantasia has been gifting the music industry with her big, big voice for 12 years. But The Definition Of will come as something of surprise, as she moves away from her usual RnB, and explores country and pop.
07 Aug 2016 Abra is one of the few artists who can be said to have defined a genre. With her crisp, textural vocals, she continues the darkness heard on her last effort, Rose, with her new, more defined EP, Princess.
24 Jul 2016 Grace is one of the few soul artists to have emerged this year. Considering how much this genre tends to be overlooked by mainstream charts, the Australian’s album has done remarkably well.