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05 Jan 2018 For a long while, people in Hong Kong who suffered from Mucopolysaccharidoses Type 6 (MPS) weren’t able to afford the drugs used to combat the rare disease.
26 Jan 2017 Three YP junior reporters checked out the Nepali Culture Week, the Hong Kong Nepalese Foundation's week-long celebration of Nepalese culture held at the end of last month.
20 Jan 2017 Some people struggle to keep their balance when they’re walking on solid ground, never mind when they’re jumping up and down on a bouncy balancing beam.
09 Sep 2016 Round up your squad after school and head over to Langham Place for all sorts of different ice cream desserts!
28 Jul 2016 Is the gentrification of Tai Hang (known for its totally awesome Fire Dragon dance) slowly killing off the district’s traditional way of life, or is it helping keep the area alive for the locals?
18 Aug 2015 Fancy food, Madagascar characters and a special show … here's what Young Post's junior reporters thought of the Madagascar Summer Feast with the DreamWorks gang