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10 Aug 2015 The cadets at Young Post put their cookery skills to the test by taking on a rice cooker challenge: preparing four unconventional, non-rice dishes in one of the staple appliances of any Hong Kong kitchen.
09 Aug 2015 Writing songs, travelling the world, and inspiring people with your music … sound like a dream job? Well it's a dream that came true for Irish alternative rock band Kodaline.
07 Aug 2015 Long-haul flights are sometimes unbearable but here are a few things that the Young Post team wonder about before stepping onto a plane ...
03 Aug 2015 With Hawaiian-inspired paintings on the walls and surf music playing in the background, this cosy shop has captured the definition of "ohana", or family
02 Aug 2015 Tom Cruise has done it again. He's made an impossible mission, well … possible.
Spotify now lets you hear the unique musical tastes of cities around the world.
24 Jul 2015 Music streaming service Spotify debuted a new interactive musical map on Monday, which highlights the different tastes in music from almost 1,000 cities in 60 countries. Hong Kong is one of the few cities in Asia with a Spotify-created playlist.