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CIS player Tynan Eurwongpravit goes up for a long pass.
20 Jul 2015 Like a war cry, "ultimate!" rings out across the field as a disc is flung into the air, and two teams of seven thunder towards each other. A game of ultimate frisbee has begun.
The students had fun "working" at Young Post.
09 Jul 2015 Young Post runs a cadet programme over the summer for secondary school students interested in journalism. It's a two-week stint at Being a cadet for the best English-language newspaper for teens is not only great work experience, it's a lot of fun, too. Find out just what they get up to while they're with us …
The cat-inspired treats don't contain cat hair and the kitties won't eat try to steal your food.
27 Jun 2015 Summer is here, but with everyone so keen to get out and enjoy the sunshine, it can be hard to find any peace, so we asked our cadets for Hong Kong's best-kept secrets!