Belinda Ng

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21 Feb 2020 As Hongkongers become increasingly polarised, it's important for young people to learn to understand themselves and their community.
04 Feb 2020 The internet has become flooded with misinformation about the virus – much of which has been discriminatory and racist towards Chinese people.
16 Jan 2020 The devastating impact of wildfires garners global attention, but not enough is being done about the real cause of these disasters.
16 Jan 2020 Work experience allows you to discover if a job will make you happy.
09 Oct 2019 It can be challenging to learn to live with friends, but as long as you're considerate and open, it's a great away to make memories.
18 Sep 2019 Hear For You volunteers encourage people young and old to open up and talk to counsellors about their feelings.
02 Sep 2019 The ongoing demonstrations against the proposed extradition bill have caused a spike in emotional problems, and authorities need to do more to address the problem.
13 Jun 2019 The recent discovery of plastic waste in the the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, shows we are trashing our planet at an increasing rate.
09 May 2019 A student at the National University of Singapore, who was filmed while taking a shower, wants real consequences for people that commit such acts.
02 May 2019 Explore your interests and be mindful of your mental health on your tertiary education journey.