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21 Jun 2017 Because the cause of this wet weather is also pretty awesome (no, really). Here are some facts you might not know about rain.
19 Jun 2017 Top tips and information from last week's Youth Summit 2017 Opening Ceremony and Youth Speak Forum
15 Jun 2017 Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s tree-pruning operation that killed egret chicks is an illegal activity.
12 Jun 2017 Thinking about getting a pet? If you want one that is fluffy and adorable, maybe you should think about getting a chinchilla. But before you rush off to the pet store, here are a few things you should know.
08 Jun 2017 For now, the park will focus on My Neighbour Totoro, but one can hope!
05 Jun 2017 Local artists and students have turned unwanted products into an “Eco-art installation” to promote recycling.
01 Jun 2017 On May 24, Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruled that homosexual marriage will be recognised in the island. This made Taiwan the first Asian place to legalise homosexual or same-sex marriage.
30 May 2017

After the atrocity that was 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you would be forgiven for taking a pass on Gal Godot's solo Wonder Woman vehicle.

25 May 2017 A mercy release is when you free an animal back into the wild rather than killing it. What many people don’t know is that the impact on the environment and the released animal in question can be devastating.
04 May 2017 Less than a week after bike rental start-up opened for business, someone threw 15 of their bicycles into the Shing Mun river in Sha Tin.