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15 Apr 2016 This week, we asked our readers, what is the worst surprise they’ve ever received? Here are our favourite answers.
05 Apr 2016 Junior reporters Anushka Purohit, Sebastian Wong and Yam Wai-Shan went to Ngong Ping and Tai O to explore the heritage and traditions and try the local food.
18 Mar 2016 Hiding clues in toilets, eating bananas, and jumping around. YP readers share the ways they get into the zone during exam season ...
04 Mar 2016 Instead of telling them to grow up and act their age, we sent our junior reporters to MAX!, a fun-filled event for kids, held by Marriott International!
04 Mar 2016 Flamethrower? Chainsaw? Justin Bieber on a loudspeaker? How would you fend off a horde of the undead in a zombie apocalypse?
26 Feb 2016 Four junior reporters went to RosaGallery to try their hand at making a unique and beautiful work of art using preserved flowers.
19 Feb 2016 The only bad thing about holidays is that going back to school and regular life afterwards can be pretty depressing, so we asked our readers for their best cure for the post-holiday blues.
15 Jan 2016 With the new term well and truly underway, this week, we asked our readers, what's the best excuse for not handing in your homework? Here are our favourite answers ...
29 Dec 2015 Would you feel faint if you need to walk or even run on a fenceless track 238 metres high, especially on a windy day? Young Post JRs Anushka Purohit and Nicholas Ng gave it a a try on the Macao Tower.
22 Dec 2015 Combining good-will and sports, the basketball tournament wasn't just a chance for friendly competition, it allowed students a chance to do good.