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04 Apr 2019 Only real action, not empty words of solidarity, can help make New Zealand a better place for minorities
20 Dec 2018 Here’s my advice to Hong Kong students planning to go overseas or those who are already studying abroad – try not to just stick with other Hong Kong students, but instead get to know more about different cultures.
06 Dec 2018 The camp is blaming its potential allies for its defeat in the recent LegCo by-election; in reality, it needs to be looking at his own mistakes.
08 Nov 2018 The 1,000-hectare 'Lantau Tomorrow Vision' launched by the Chief Executive in her 2018 policy address will be an environmental disaster and waste of money.
27 Sep 2018 Helping the traditional Maori language flourish would bind New Zealanders together as a nation.
31 May 2018 The Hong Kong government is not fixing the problem not because they can’t but because they don’t want to.
12 Apr 2018 We’re already a quarter of the way into 2018, and I think I can safely use the words “disastrous” and “horrendous” to describe the past four months for Hong Kong’s democrats.
18 Jan 2018 Modern global politics has seen a new trend in the past few years – the downfall of centrism.
30 Nov 2017 I am a Kowloon West constituency voter, and I will be disgusted if Frederick Fung is endorsed by the opposition to run for the Legco by-elections next March.
12 Oct 2017 It seems to me lots of people in Hong Kong love Macau more than they love the 852. They think our sister SAR does everything better. But what makes them think that way?