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04 Mar 2016 Flamethrower? Chainsaw? Justin Bieber on a loudspeaker? How would you fend off a horde of the undead in a zombie apocalypse?
03 Jan 2016 Each week, two of our readers will debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week’s topic is ...
10 Dec 2015 The International Christian School annual programme takes students out of their comfort zones to learn more about the world and how they can contribute to it
10 Dec 2015 As this term draws to a close, and with exams just around the corner, everyone feels they need a bit of a break. Some students chose to take a break from school work to help the community.
Veteran Young Post writer John Millen has taken Junior Reporter Training Course participants on a trip around Hong Kong.
18 Jun 2015 SHKP Reading Club's "A Letter to My Family" book review competition winners went on a tour of attractions in Hong Kong and wrote about St James' Settlement's Hong Kong House of Stories and Hong Kong Jockey Club's Racing Museum using what they've learned.
29 May 2015 We asked our readers to tell us what they're addicted to recently, and here are our favourite answers ...