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My last shot of Durham University, which will live in my heart forever
22 Jun 2015 Now that exams are over, I can look back on my life as a university student.
Prebends Bridge in Durham.
20 Apr 2015 On Good Friday, junior reporter Isabel Lai took American provost of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, on a tour of Durham and gained as much as she gave.
03 Mar 2015 I recently attended the most talked about college event of the year. The Candlemas Ball means a great deal to members of St Chad’s College at Durham University - and not only because it gives us a reason to dress up. It is an annual tradition which dates back to 1956.
Students at Durham dine at long tables in ancient halls.
05 Jan 2015 It recently occurred to me that my university experience isn't far off Harry Potter. Cast your mind back to the dining room scenes of the film series. Students at Durham sit in a similar formation at formal halls, commonly known as formals. Yes, we actually dine at long tables in ancient halls.
01 Nov 2014 I have become a technology junkie. This might come as a surprise, given my long-standing passion for literature and politics. But let me be clear: my new-found interest has not, and will not, displace my love for the humanities. I am simply extending my enthusiasm to a hugely important field in our modern world.
22 Sep 2014 Do you have any idea what a guinea pig tastes like? Have you been on a bus for more than 20 hours straight? I would have shaken my head if asked these questions two months ago. But now I'm back from my trip to Peru, I am proud to say I've had these experiences.
27 May 2014 As my second-to-last year at university draws to an end, I can't help thinking about the future. Do I want to do a master's degree or do I want to start working? Perhaps I want to go to law school, but how do I figure out if law is something I am truly passionate about?