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21 Jul 2016 Old local delicacies have already been consigned to the past by many, but this summer Greater China Club attempts to bring back the taste of old Hong Kong.
07 Jul 2016 The annual Summer Splash just launched at Ocean Park. YP junior reporters had a cartoon-themed lunch and then dived straight in to enjoy the fun.
Can comic books be a new interesting way of learning?
29 Jun 2015 Some parents do not allow their children to read comics. They see reading comics as a waste of time and they also worry about the content. But comics can be entertaining and educational.
Junior reporters (from left) Christy Cheung, Annette Kim and Vivian Chan strolls through the garden after tea.
14 May 2015 Frozen characters dominated the big screen last year, and now they are taking over tea sets with a princess experience at Hong Kong Disneyland.