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16 Mar 2017 While we can always blame the education system, why don’t we learn how to handle students with mental health issues?
23 Jan 2017 My university graduation is six months away. I must admit, it is scary to go beyond the confines of education, and the safety blanket of family, friends and my day-to-day life.
22 Dec 2016 2016 has been a terrible year. Nobody would blame you if you agreed with that statement.
08 Dec 2016 In the last month, everyone in India – from my grandfather to the tea-seller across the street from his house – has had to queue up at banks.
15 Sep 2016 I was born in Hong Kong, and lived here 24/7, 365 days of the year until I went to university in Britain. I hold a permanent Hong Kong ID card and can live and work here indefinitely.
06 Jun 2016 The Hindi word mela means any kind of festive gathering, something that brings people together. Hong Kong itself is a bit of a mela, as it is a global city that has brought together people.
23 May 2016 It’s crunch time! I’m currently in the middle of exam preparation, and let me tell you, the mountains of books, megabytes of PDFs, and writing sores on my hands are all too real.
07 Apr 2016 Our public health care system is a nightmare. Having to wait for three hours to be seen by a doctor is preposterous, and doctors having to work 30-hour shifts is just as shocking, if not inhumane.
24 Mar 2016 The government is reluctant to introduce light pollution legislation and has relaxed regulation on Earth Hour participation.
22 Feb 2016 If your parents have paid a fortune to send you abroad for your education, then you might as well get used to budget travelling and getting to know people and their cultures