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India's batsman Virat Kohli celebrates as he reaches 100 runs against Pakistan during the Pool B 2015 Cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan.
17 Feb 2015

The big hurrah!

“It was every bit the drama we hoped it would be – a human drama; a sporting drama; a drama of wills and of temperaments.”

The Young Post archers (L-R) Wong Long-ka, Lyndon Fan, Dhruv Singh, Anirudh Kannan, Tony Wong, and Justine Chan.
20 Nov 2014 Whether you're inspired by Katniss or Legolas, Hawkeye or Hou Yi, there's a new war game that lets you bring all of your archery fantasies to life.
Raag Kapur was named the best batsman at the tournament.
13 Nov 2014 To say the Hong Kong boys' cricket team merely beat Iran in the semi-finals of the ACC U16 Elite Cup in Doha, Qatar, would be an understatement.
06 Nov 2014 It sometimes seems like the world is hopeless, but the speakers at TEDxHongKong's talk last month showed that when we put our minds to it there's no problem we can't solve, and nothing we can't overcome
24 Oct 2014 So many Halloween candies, and you can only eat so much! Don't waste time and money on ones that aren't that great. Here's a ranking of some of the Halloween candy out there.
Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants follows a lone ladybird on an incredible journey.
30 Aug 2014 Anifest 2014 was a three-day festival in Yau Ma Tei which showcased some of the best animation from around the world. We sent our junior reporters to the festival for a screening and the chance to try out some flip-book animation...