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26 Nov 2015 Hong Kong needs to relax its stance on minor issues that affect domestic helpers. Allowing domestic helpers permanent residency is something that always sparks debate, but it's a nationalistic decision above all else.
29 Oct 2015 Hong Kong has a serious inequality problem. Even though costs have increased, graduate salaries have plateaued. Rent prices are the highest they've ever been.
06 Oct 2015 What Would MacGyver Do? … reads a blue wristband that hangs on Daniel Epstein's wrist. A trivial accessory that would go unnoticed by most, it sums up Epstein's way of life.
01 Sep 2015 The YouTube sensation has a message for you: "Life is more fun when you smile and make people happy. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new: you will learn a lot."
09 Aug 2015 The whole place is painted black, with several hand drawn emoji-like doodles of muffins, ice cream and the like on the walls - similar to a chalkboard mural.
South Island School's Power Down Day had a lot of meaning.
04 Jul 2015 Beads of sweat dropped to the ground. Students lay on the floor, panting, heaving. A shaking arm reached out for an almost empty bottle, desperate for a few sips of water.
Steve Youngwood thinks we need to rewire ourselves.
13 Apr 2015 'Greeen' - this was the theme for TEDxHongKong2014 where speakers talked about technology and leadership at Hong Kong Science Park back in November. Young Post's junior reporters were invited to the TEDx, and here are some of their favourite talks
03 Apr 2015 It was April Fools' Day on Wednesday, so we asked our readers about their favourite April Fools' prank idea. Here are the best answers - remember them for next year …
20 Mar 2015 Today is the first day of spring, so we asked our readers what they like best about this season. Here are the best answers …
24 Feb 2015 At a recent TEDx talk in Hong Kong, junior reporter Anirudh Kannan found out from his schoolmate that economics affects everything