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24 Sep 2019 It's important to look at the negative effects sites like Facebook can have on our well-being and to weigh the pros and cons.
20 Jun 2019 Anti-China sentiment seems to be very much in fashion but let's not forget the purpose of the proposed bill is to help bring criminals to justice.
16 May 2019 Some people say young adults are choosing not to have children because they are selfish – but that couldn’t further from the truth.
07 Mar 2019 Both governments and individuals worldwide should be prepared for the ‘robotic revolution’ which could become a reality soon.
21 Feb 2019 With so many species becoming critically endangered, we need to start treating crimes against wildlife as seriously as other crimes
17 Jan 2019 People around the world have made plenty of New Years’ resolutions this month. Most of them have been done in the hopes that they will help them become better, happier people.
29 Nov 2018 Decriminalising all drugs can make countries safer, healthier and richer – we just need to change our attitude towards them.
20 Sep 2018 While we can have many discussions regarding the origin of mental health issues, no real progress will be made until we stop treating such patients unfairly. .
14 Jun 2018 The Cambridge Analytica scandal in March sent regulators into a frenzy. That’s because they realised the implications of the pervasiveness of modern tech companies, including the fact they can sway political opinion.
22 Mar 2018 The US president recently claimed that trade wars are “easy to win” and is proposing large tariffs and restrictions on Chinese imports.