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The dripping effect of Yellow LostDog represents acid rain.
16 Jul 2014 Art can be so much more than a drawing or a sculpture, and French artist Aurele Ricard proves this with his "LostDog" series. It not only conveys a message of conservation, but also helps to actually purify the air.
Young people make rubber-band bracelets and share them with their peers.
25 Jun 2014 In these hi-tech days, it's hard to believe making jewellery out of rubber bands would be such a hit, and yet it seems to be
14 Jun 2014 Dad jokes are hotting up Tumblr and Instagram - some of the lamest, most facepalm-worthy gags you've ever read. Thanks, dads, for your sense of humour, and so much more. Happy Father's Day!
13 Jun 2014 The best of the 2013-14 season on Broadway was celebrated on Sunday with the Tony Awards for plays and musicals. YP readers weigh in on who won - and who they thought should have.
27 May 2014 A girl's worst prom nightmare is turning up in the same dress as someone else. The horror! Luckily, there are plenty of amazing dresses and gowns this season, and there is sure to be one that suits you perfectly.
23 May 2014

With exams underway or even finished, university applications submitted and university rankings released, we asked our readers what the most important factor for them was when choosing a university. Here are the top 10 answers …

Students who took part in the ESF fundraiser
08 Feb 2014 English Schools Foundation (ESF) students from King George V School, Renaissance College Hong Kong, South Island School and West Island School rocked the stage at Grappa's Cellar last month for a good cause.
08 Feb 2014 Gadget geek It's lai see season again and, in materialistic Hong Kong, it is hard to resist not owning the latest and swankiest gadgets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my aunts and uncles are generous enough so that I can buy a new iPhone 5S. Since it makes me feel a little guilty, I'll buy some books, too, so that I stay in my parents' good books.
Top 10 Candy Box_L
22 Feb 2013 For this week's top 10, we asked our readers what they would most like to see in their Chinese candy boxes
Top 10 Emoticons_L
15 Feb 2013 So, Facebook is talking about adding 10 emoticons that we can select to update our status. But which 10? Here are some suggestions you sent us.