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28 Oct 2016 We asked our readers to tell us the worst place to do homework, and here are some of our favourite responses!
28 Sep 2016 Today marks the second anniversary of the Occupy Central protests, so Young Post asked our readers for their thoughts on its impact so far.
09 May 2016 You might think only a magician could turn an ordinary piece of paper into a rabbit, but Kade Chan Pak-hei does it every day. The 23–year-old is a professional origami artist.
27 Apr 2016 Video games may rule the roost, but board games still have a place in many gamers’ hearts. Here are some to get you started ...
18 Apr 2016 Imagine a garden with plants and vegetables growing healthily, fresh and edible. Then the awkward-shaped pots, which are actually used computer shells, chairs and swimming pools.
25 Mar 2016 To get ready for Easter, YP cadets Benjamin Oh, Veronica Lin, and Lyndon Fan tried five of the sweetest holiday treats. Here’s what they discovered ...
03 Apr 2015 It was April Fools' Day on Wednesday, so we asked our readers about their favourite April Fools' prank idea. Here are the best answers - remember them for next year …
26 Feb 2015 Kung hei fat choi! We asked our readers what they liked best about the Lunar New Year holidays; here are the best answers ...
The Young Post archers (L-R) Wong Long-ka, Lyndon Fan, Dhruv Singh, Anirudh Kannan, Tony Wong, and Justine Chan.
20 Nov 2014 Whether you're inspired by Katniss or Legolas, Hawkeye or Hou Yi, there's a new war game that lets you bring all of your archery fantasies to life.
The main characters of the Silence Le Cabaret cast with the young reporters.
30 Oct 2014 Can you imagine eating dinner in pantomime? Last month at Asia Society, 1010 presented Silence Le Cabaret, the world's first silent theatrical dining experience with the audience taking part.