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Wearing coats, junior reporters (from left) Shannon Cho, Catherine Wang, Annette Kim, Joy Pamnani and Veronica Lynn actually enjoy the cold.
11 Dec 2014 The Venetian Macao has two cool winter events coming up: Winter in Venice Carnival and Penguins Undercover Ice World with the DreamWorks Gang.
(L-R) Michelle Wong, Elaine Ho, and Mary Lam of Queen Elizabeth School, and Ellery Gopaoco, Vennese Chan, and Charlotte Cheng of Diocesan Girls' School.
04 Dec 2014 Diocesan Girls' School (DGS) defeated Queen Elizabeth School in the second round of the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition opposing the motion: "The government should be more concerned about economic stability than universal suffrage."
Max Verstappen racing in the Macau Grand Prix
30 Nov 2014 The crowd cheers as you rev your engine. The light turns green, you put the pedal to the metal and take off like a shot, leaving your competitors in the dust.
21 Nov 2014 It was World Kindness Day last Thursday, so we asked our readers to tell us about the kindest thing someone ever did for them. Here are the best answers...
07 Nov 2014 There are no public holidays this month, so we asked our readers to create their own public holiday. Here are the best answers ...
06 Nov 2014 It sometimes seems like the world is hopeless, but the speakers at TEDxHongKong's talk last month showed that when we put our minds to it there's no problem we can't solve, and nothing we can't overcome
03 Oct 2014 Summer's over, school's is in now. So we asked our readers for their favourite excuses to skip lessons. Here are the best answers...
Students learned about the development of future technology during the visit.
25 Sep 2014 The Junior Green Engineers Programme 2014, run by CLP Power Hong Kong, educates Primary Four to Six students about engineering, science and environmental protection, and hopes to arouse their interest in electrical engineering.
19 Sep 2014 Ahoy, matey! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we asked our readers where they would bury their treasure if they were a pirate. Here are the best answers ...
19 Sep 2014 There are few things better than relaxing with some delicious dim sum at the weekend. But it is far less relaxing if you are the chef cooking the tasty snacks - especially if you're being judged on your dishes by a panel of experts.