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Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions requests the Minimum Wage Council to set the minimum wage on the level of $33 per hour in 2010.
30 Apr 2015 Hate it when you can't talk back? You're welcome to join the conversation
17 Apr 2015 Rice, the staple food of Hong Kong, goes well with many things. We asked our readers what food, if eaten with rice, would be disgusting? Here are our favourite answers ...
Those involved in the 28th World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships at Diocesan Girls' School.
16 Apr 2015 When Jimin Kang of Chinese International School spoke about the hardships that refugees face, one of her South African opponents said he was deeply touched.
09 Apr 2015 With the exams in full swing, we asked our readers about their unusual exam rituals. Here are our favourite answers …
03 Apr 2015 It was April Fools' Day on Wednesday, so we asked our readers about their favourite April Fools' prank idea. Here are the best answers - remember them for next year …
Tuen Mun is one of the areas mainland tourists frequent.
02 Apr 2015 Practices such as limiting the amount of products that visitors can carry have been implemented to limit the amount of parallel traders to Hong Kong. Some of our readers discuss whether another idea - building malls at the border - will be effective.
Junior reporters (from left) Anushka Purohit, Joy Pamnani and Minnie Yip with chef Justin Paul.
02 Apr 2015 To celebrate the first day of the Malayam New Year, Asia's only Michelin-starred Indian restaurant, the Golden Peacock at The Venetian Macao, will be serving a Kerala-themed menu.
30 Mar 2015 After months of revision and weeks of stress, it's finally time for your exams. To help you better cope with those exams, Young Post asked experienced teachers and seasoned students for their best exam-taking tips.
27 Mar 2015 Earth Hour is tomorrow, so we asked readers to share their best ideas for saving electricity. Here are the top answers …
20 Mar 2015 Today is the first day of spring, so we asked our readers what they like best about this season. Here are the best answers …